If you have called a house your boarding nest for more than 5 years in a row, you definitely will have a range of items in your house that you must have accumulated over the time, to make your life easier and well facilitated. Most of our possessions are either a way to define our personalities or a reflection of what we are passionate about. A music lover would have a range of music CD collection or may be a guitar or a drum at his home and similarly you can find a lot of books in the home of a book lover. Besides such possessions, we also own a range of furniture, appliance and not to forget, clothing that again define our standards. While all such belongings are the best for leading a comfortable life, thy often pose problems once you plan to move. Taking all these possessions along with you to the newhome can be tricky and this is where downsizing plays a significant role in your life.

So, if you are ready for an upcoming move, here is how you can downsize to limit your inventory size and make your move comfortable while also saving some money.

Why downsizing is important?

If you are wondering why you need to sort your belongings before a move, let us help you with the whole concept behind the downsizing process. When you limit the number of items you need to carry along to your new house, you enjoy less stress of packing and likewise have to pay lower rates to the local moving companies. The best local movers charge fee according to the moving size of the inventory. You must check your existing inventory thoroughly, to find out what you want to take to your new home and what can be left behind.

  • As per the American Moving and Storage Association, moving a house on an average costs you $2300.
  • The moving size of your inventory or the total weight of your inventory is one of the most important decisive factor when it comes to calculating the cost of the move.

You would have get a clear idea as why downsizing is important for your house move. In fact, most of you would have already started looking ways to cut down the size of the move and enjoy the best moving services at an affordable price. Some of the additional reasons to consider downsizing include:

  • Save Money:

By now you have a clear idea as how downsizing helps you save money. When you hire professional local movers, they assess your moving inventory size to offer you the best estimates. They would visit your home and after a thorough visual inspection they would offer you a list of facts related to your house including:

  1. Risky items for the move
  2. Large and complicated items
  3. Total size and weight of the inventory.

The movers would then offer you a written moving estimate based on all these facts. The fewer items to have to move, the lower would be the quoted estimates.

  • Make Money:

You can not only save money with downsizing but also make some money. How? You can organize a garage sale or sell your belongings online to make money. All you need to do is sort your belongings and sell those you do not need any more.

  • Save time and efforts:

Moving is a time taking process and most of the time is consumed in pacing your belongings. When you have lesser items t pack, you can not only save time but a lot of efforts as well.

How to downsize your inventory before a move?

Downsizing can be a complicated deal if you do not know how to initiate the process. Here is how you can make the entire process easy.

Step 1: audit the inventory in your home, start sorting items one room at a time.

Step 2: sort the bigger items first and then sort the smaller ones.

Step 3: Make a list of items under headers- must-take items, valuables, unwanted/unneeded items, and useless items.

Step 4: Pack things as per the list.

Step 5: Discard any duplicate items, broken items, rarely used or obsolete items

This is how you can downsize before a big move and enjoy a stress-free move and also save money.