Eid Gifting Ideas

Eid is around the corner. It’s the favorite part of the year for the people. They wear new clothes, eat lots of amazing foods, visit friends and family and greet each other with gifts. If you are confused about gifts that will be great for Eid celebrations, then these ideas will be useful for you. In this article, few amazing Eid gifting ideas are mentioned.

List of Gifting Ideas

  • Clothes: Gifting clothes is quite a common concept. Though there is the difference in the styles and designs of the clothes over time still clothes are always first gifting option. At some places, Muslims wear simple clothes but in Asian countries, women prefer to wear bright colors suits beads and jewelry on it. Gifting clothes is not a great option for those who wear similar and simple clothes.
  • Accessories: There are numerous accessories that can be gifted. Suppose you are searching gifts for those who are not too child as well as not too young that means they are young adults. Accessories like watches, perfume, handbags, Jewelry can be gifted to them.
  • Food:  It has a great role in the celebrations of Eid across the world. The feast of the Eid is one of the most awaited parts of the festival. Food is a great gifting option too. People prepare homemade sweets and snacks and gift them to their loved ones. You can even buy chocolates, dried fruits and other food items for gifting them to your friends, families, and neighbours.
  • Holy books: Quran and Hadeeth are holy books which are considered as more valuable than any other gift that anyone gives or receive. Usually, these are given to the elderly member of the family. You can even gift various Islamic books like the ones which contain stories of prophets and other Islamic morals.
  • Spend time: Instead of gifting materialistic thing, this Eid, gift your loved ones your time. Someone rightly said time is the ultimate gift. There is no need for expensive and fancy gadgets or jewelry when you give your loved ones the most precious thing that you have that is your time.
  • Toys: It is the most common gifting option for the kids. Adults can pick the toys that are educational as well as fun for them. Children love to get gifts instead of getting Eidi because when they get the money they don’t know what to do with it.
  • Electronics: Usage of technology is increasing day by day. Gifting electronics is the most recent gifting custom. It has become quite popular as now you can gift phones, tablets, laptops, and other fancy gadgets. People tend to love these things than traditional clothes and foods.
  • Jewelry: It is one of the most popular traditional gifting idea for any occasion. You can always gift jewelry to your wife, girlfriend, mother, even male members of your family. You can even customize the jewelry sets with their name and make it more special.


Eid is celebrated to remark the end of Ramadan. According to Islamic culture, it is not associated with gift giving but still, it is a nice gesture to gift the special people who are present in your life with something small but special. Above mentioned are few gifting ideas for this Eid season. You must choose the gift according to the person you want to gift it like if you want to gift a kid of your family then you can choose toys but if you want to gift your wife or mother then you can give Pashmina shawl or some décor items or even jewelry.