Argentina is the first and most beautiful country that you will enjoy visiting. This may not be the first goal of your trip but combining business with pleasure has never hurt anyone. From Patagonia to Buenos Aires, Iguazú Falls, Salta and the astonishing Pampas, Argentina combines the scent of old Europe with amazing wild landscapes. All mixed with a very rich culture.

Security: at the top!

While many Latin American countries may be concerned about security, Argentina is a safe country. As the second largest economy in Latin America after Brazil, Argentina is also a country rich in opportunities. A non-negligible asset if you want to combine linguistic stay and internship or professional activity. Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires are also one of the best options in Latin America.

A good educational level

The range of courses offered is very wide: short courses such as intensive courses, annual or focused on specific objectives. There are good language schools everywhere, including Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza, Salta, Bariloche, Ushuaia or Rosario. If you are looking for year-round studies, Argentina can also be an interesting choice because university fees are very reasonable and private university fees are much lower than in other countries.

A very “singing” accent

Advantage or disadvantage? In any case, it must be known before deciding. Unlike Colombia whose Spanish accent is very neutral, the Argentinean accent is more pronounced. At first, it can be very “singing” and is a bit like thinking of the Italian accent.

The meaning of some words is different, the pronunciation of some letters too. Argentines thus have the habit of putting the sound “ch” or “j” everywhere. The “ll” and “y” are systematically transformed into a “ch” or “j” sound. About Grammar level, some adjustments are also expected. The familiarity and the waywardness are different. The pronouns “Tú” and “Vosotros” are indeed often replaced by the pronouns “Vos” and “Ustedes”.

A cost of living a little high while remaining reasonable

Although lower than in Europe, the cost of living in Argentina is, with Brazil and Uruguay, the highest in Latin America. In this respect, Mexico or Colombia are more suitable for small budgets. It is however quite equivalent to that which you will find in Spain… with the difference that it will be necessary to count the price of the trip, necessarily high for a short stay.

Learn more about Argentina

Land of fire and ice, Argentina is the largest country in South America. Land of contrasts, it offers an idyllic setting for learning Spanish in total immersion. To study Spanish in Argentina is to have the chance to discover a particularly rich country from a cultural point of view.

Homeland of tango and jam, Argentina is a country with influences as much South American as European. The Argentine culture is a reflection of a diversity built over the centuries. Spanish, Italian, German, French, Syrian and Lebanese, all fed the culture of this country with multicultural influences. Your language trip to Argentina will also be an opportunity to discover its gastronomy, to taste its famous beef while enjoying a glass of red wine.

Travel guide

To all those who want to improve their Spanish while discovering a country in total immersion, a language trip to Argentina is a very wise choice! Once your Spanish classes are over, you will not miss visiting the exceptional natural sites of Iguazú Falls, Perito Moreno, or the lakes of Bariloche and San Martín.

The more athletic ones will be able to take part in hikes or tourist circuits to discover the dazzling landscapes of Argentina. The less courageous can enjoy a mate listening to a tune of tango on a café terrace in Buenos Aires. Discover the habits and customs of the Argentinians, cultural visits, escapades in the nature … a linguistic stay in Argentina is always high in colors… and in musics!

What do you need for visiting Argentina?

Planes land at the international airport Ministro Pistarini Ezeiza, located 42 kilometers from Buenos Aires. There are direct flights from most major European and American airports every day. To enter Argentine soil, you will need a valid passport.

Staying in Argentina does not present any major health risks. Nevertheless vaccinations are recommended: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tetanus, poliomyelitis and typhoid. Budget side, know that the official currency of Argentina is the Argentine Peso.