If you are a financial firm with big dreams and a hunger for success, a boutique consulting firm may be exactly what you need to take your business to the next level.

Why go boutique?

If you are an IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) you can greatly benefit from the expertise of financial consulting services. As a boutique consulting service, they are well-equipped to support those in the investment management and banking industries, as well as specific niche markets as well.

Major factors that set a boutique financial consulting service apart:

  • Individualized services, tailored to your specific niche
  • Personalized business evaluation that can set you up for real financial gains
  • Specialized services to meet your firms’ needs
  • Executive-level consultants working with you directly unlike larger firms

In comparison, large financial consulting services, often are unable to offer any face-to-face client support. Typically you will get tossed around, having your analytics and strategy put together by a new hire. At a boutique, you can expect the best, as the financial consultants in these companies, are here for you, literally. Most financial consultants who have chosen to “go boutique”, have done so because they have a passion to help smaller firms achieve great things.

How to choose your boutique firm

As an IFA, your first point of business should be choosing the right boutique financial services for your specific industry. You will want to look into who specializes in your niche, region, and methodology. In other words, you will want to have a “common language” to maximize your growth potential while managing your clients’ wealth as well.

Do your research. You should relate and be impressed by the case studies of the boutique you are looking into. Ask yourself some important questions, such as:

Does my firm need a one-on-one strategist to take us to the next level? Does the boutique firm have a record for ticking off all the elements for a successful wealth management firm? Will you have direct access for support and questions along the way? Have other firms in your niche seen incredible ROI (return of investment) and massive growth potential? Can the financial services consultants you are looking into, easily diagnose your weak points and create a successful strategy? These questions and more will help you narrow down your search and find the perfect boutique consulting firm for your IFA.

What to avoid when going boutique

Your success depends on the boutique you choose. Much like your own clients who look to you to direct them down a successful path, your boutique must have a reputation for success with their clients. Your consultant should be all about analysis and not anecdotes. Prior experience in a large firm is excellent when it works for hand in hand with expertise in strategy and analysis. This is what puts boutique financial consultants in a league of their own.

Avoid one trick ponies. Your financial services consultant should offer multiple services for every area of your business. You should have access to step-by-step courses, direct access to your boutique consultant, as well as current and relevant workshops created regularly to take your whole team to the next level. If a company is only as good as it’s employees, an IFA is only as good as its consultant.


Going boutique may be the best option for you if your financial firm isn’t seeing ROI, has not been making progress despite a seemingly solid business plan. If your IFA is excellent at wealth management but isn’t seeing new clientele or financial gains a boutique firm is for you. You can contact a boutique service, such as FP Advance,  without any obligation to learn more about this potential business game changer.