Best Free WordPress Hosting Provider

There are so many free WordPress hosting providers on the internet today, however, selecting one WordPress Website that works smoothly on a free web hosting WordPress package is quite difficult.

What we are going to do is to cut the chase and take you straight to the best WordPress hosting site that enables you to host your website without any restrictions for free-of-cost.

We as consumers and users always look for quality & trustable services, so we have only listed TRUSTABLE & RELIABLE sources.

Difference between and WordPress Hosting

I use to think that (Free) & WordPress Hosting (Paid) has no difference, then why pay for it when you can get it for free?

I did create a blog on, then realised a big difference, then understood the reason behind expensive WordPress packages.

The big difference –

WordPress is known for two things Control & Customization, which is missing in the free version.

Let me give you two examples that will give you an insight.

  1. WordPress made easy when they introduced options, but you cannot download them & install without buying their expensive hosting packages.
  2. I love to add custom or premium themes to my website or my client website, but you cannot unless you subscribe to their premium package.

In WordPress hosting,

You get access to all features and no restrictions. Not only that you can also customize your site the way, but you also desire it to be.

About Free WordPress Hosting Provider

We can find thousands of Free WordPress Web Hosting sites that promise you services and features, but they lack several things which you will figure out sooner or later.

If you are looking for a free web hosting no ads, then GoogieHost is a website you should check out because it does come into free web hosting with cPanel category.

You get several features that will keep you in a business like 99.99% uptime, which is very important in free WordPress hosting with a custom domain.

In case, if you any technical issues, then you can raise a ticket, which the company will answer within 2 hours to 24 hours of the period and none of the tickets closes without any response.

Remember, some companies offer free unlimited WordPress hosting, but they lack several things, which can leave you in disappointment.

Always check these points before you sign up for free WordPress hosting no ads.

  1. Uptime, you need to know about it, or you will face downtime at least five hours a day.
  2. Bandwidth – it should always be above 50GB or else, your website will crash when you’ve got traffic.
  3. Customer support – It is extremely important because hosting accounts behave funny sometimes, then leaves you in chaos.

These free unlimited WordPress hosting sites must have the above features.

How to get Free .com Domain?

Did you know that some of the sites offer you a free .com domain for lifetime if you follow few set of rules?

Bluehost – The company offers you a .com domain for life if you buy any of their packages. Let me warn you that Bluehost packages are expensive, but the quality of WordPress sites is good. You can also choose Bluehost hosting provider because Bluehost packages are expensive

GoogieHost – Unlike Blue Host, they offer you a .com domain when you use the referral link, invite your friends, then have ten active accounts activated under your referral link, then you get a free .com domain.

A free website hosting and domain name, how does that feel to you?

The company free WordPress hosting with a custom domain, this does sound good to me!

That’s not all when you have more than twenty active accounts, then the validity of the domain increases to five years.

Note: We have come across many sketchy and shady websites who are offering you free renewals, .com domains, paid hosting, and other services that sound too good to be true.

We implore you to keep away from such sites because they usually end up badly.


Bluehost (Paid) and GoogieHost (Free) are best WordPress hosting companies we have in the category and no one can argue about it. We would like to know your ideas and thoughts in the comment section below. .