The widespread perception about happiness is that it is something that is related to wealth. Material wealth may not increase happiness as much as we presume. Human mindset always envisages that other people always seem to be in a better situation.

Literally speaking, happiness is something that cannot be bought in any store. When money is used in certain ways like procuring things that bring you happiness, one can use to add some intrinsic value. However, this may rather fetch only a short-term happiness and may not lead to lasting happiness.

Emotionally, one might feel that buying a movable or immovable property makes them happy. But it is only an internal and external indicator of success, which makes one feel both proud and accomplished, leading to greater satisfaction with life. Surprisingly, research contradicts at least some of these perceived effects.

While oxford dictionary defines happiness as the feeling you have when things give you pleasure and can be quite a lively feeling; contentment is a quieter feeling that you get when you have learned to find enjoyment in things.

People often feel contended as they achieve once they reach a certain target, such as finding the perfect partner or landing a particular salary. Research contradicts these perceptions as temporary happiness and such set milestones keeps changing with time.

Happiness and good health go hand-in-hand. Indeed, methodical studies have been finding that happiness can make our hearts healthier, our immune systems stronger, and our lives longer.

Happiness and health may indeed be a righteous circle, but researchers are still trying to straighten out their relationship. To generate some extra motivation to be happier, researchers reveal that these four are linked to good health.

  1. Happiness protects your heart

Research has exhibited that love and happiness are good for it. A study paper observed that happiness predicts lower heart rate and blood pressure. Many experiments conducted on voluntary participants that the happiest participants had a lower heart rate and better blood pressure.

  1. Happiness combats stress

Apart from disturbing psychological level stress also triggers biological changes in our hormones and blood pressure.  Even when stress is inevitable, studies have confirmed that happiness carries benefits. One of the experiments in which aggressive researchers subjected some psychology students to stress and observed that in the wake of such stress, the hearts of the happiest students recovered most quickly.

  1. Happiness combats disease and disability

The investigation made in many of the patients has revealed that happiness caused improvements not only in shorter-term aches but also in pains more severe and long-term ailments as well.  Some of the researchers found that happier elderly people were less likely to have a stroke.

  1. Happiness lengthens our lives

Researchers have proved that happiest- seeming people live longer than the least happy people. The ultimate health indicator might be longevity when happiness comes into play.

In the context of Happiness, Joel Scott Osteen, an American pastor, televangelist, and author, based in Houston, Texas quotes that “Happiness is always a choice. You can’t wait for circumstances to get better. You must create your own good fortune and find ways to be happy every day”.

Exploring the ways to be happy outside may not be fruitful as it is available within oneself. Hence, instead of squandering time in discovering happiness elsewhere, let us step inwards within ourselves and find the right track to be happy.

There are numerous ways to achieve this and one of these is to keep others delighted and cheerful utilizing the technological tools available.

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