Five Main Benefits of Long-Lasting Lashes

Many people have started making false eyelashes part of their beauty routine. They like the way these products highlight their eyes and make them more noticeable. As Shakespeare said, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Making them the focal point of your look brings everyone’s attention to them, and most people would argue that their eyes are their best facial feature.

The days of having false eyelashes fitted by a professional are also over, with many brands selling DIY kits that anyone can use from home. Once you master the process of applying false lashes, it will become second nature. However, not all lash products offer the same longevity, and you should be shopping for lashes that last longer and can be reused. Here are the benefits of this approach:

Easy application

Choosing long-lasting lashes from Lilac St., Trish McEvoy, Eylure, or Ardell should be imperative when shopping for products. Lilac St. lash extensions will stay in place for up to five days, during which you can sleep, shower, or sweat in them. No peeling and embarrassing incidents of lashes falling out will befall you, provided you follow the package insert’s instructions. These lash extensions do not have a visible strip, helping you create a seamless look that will leave people wondering if those are your natural lashes. With proper care, you can use your Lilac St. lashes on multiple occasions.

Lash extensions tend to be longer-lasting than strip lashes, which are inclined to start peeling and do not stand up well to being slept in. Lash extensions are also easy to apply as you do not have to spend ages trying to fit the strip to the contour of your lash line. This convenience makes lash extensions a valuable contribution to your cosmetic regimen.

Saving time

Most people would argue that one of the toughest challenges when applying makeup daily is how long it takes. They have to do a rush job if they run out of time, usually not achieving the desired result. Wearing lash extensions can save a lot of time that you would otherwise spend on applying mascara and eyeliner.

While you can wear mascara and eyeliner with false lashes, it should not be necessary as the lashes themselves should do a more than adequate job of highlighting your eyes. If you choose to use mascara and eyeliner, ensure that you have water-based products available. Oil-based cosmetics contain compounds that affect lash glue’s adhesive integrity, leading to lashes falling out before they should.

Added volume

One of the reasons people spend ages applying mascara is to volumize their lashes, making them look more prominent than they are. However, this is not necessary when using long-lasting lashes. They add enough volume to preclude the use of other cosmetics like mascara.

Lash extensions are typically stackable to increase your eyelashes’ volume. They come in various styles and shapes. Because they do not come in a single strip, you can experiment with different lengths and styles and stack them to achieve a dramatic look. Try different combinations during this trial-and-error phase to see which ones suit you and create the effect you prefer.

Damage factor

Using false lashes is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that offers you great benefits without posing a risk to your body. The only danger is to your natural lashes, and that only happens when you do not follow the package insert’s instructions for removing false lashes and extensions.

Some people might experience an allergic reaction to the lash adhesive, leaving them with irritation to the skin surrounding the eyes. However, this is an infrequent occurrence and should not deter you from trying these products. If an adhesive causes an adverse reaction, check its ingredients and shop for an alternative that contains different ones.

Confidence boost

You feel good when you look good. A boost to your self-confidence allows you to feel more assertive and in control. This is a desirable feeling and easy to achieve when you use products like false lashes. It does not take long and is not that complicated, meaning you can get the look you need and the accompanying feel-good effects with minimal effort.

Lashes are lightweight and comfortable to wear. If you choose a natural look, they accentuate your eyes without making it apparent that you are using false lashes.