Modular Homes

The concept of modular homes is not new, yet they are not very common up until now. The modular homes are similar to traditional homes but are fabricated in a factory that is why they are also known as fabricated homes or precision-built homes. The word “Modular” refers that the construction in sections and it makes the construction of such homes different from the traditional ones. These homes are built in sections and are delivered to the intended site.

How The Modular Homes Were Invented?

The concept of the modular building started back in the 1950s when a number of people lost their homes and were looking for a shelter after World War II. Since the industry has not slowed down andhome remodeling contractors in Cupertino CA have been constantly making efforts to improve the fabrication of modular homes, making them more comfortable and luxurious with a touch of modernity.

Facts To Be Known About The Modular Homes

One of the reasons for why being not so popular is that people are not aware of the concept of the modular house. This post highlights the basic facts that everyone should know.

Modular Homes Are Expensive

When you look at the structure of a module home, you may not assume how expensive they are, but they can cost you a high bill. However, the expense can be controlled as it is based on the size and what systems you need in your house. Despite the customization you want, they will cost you at least 10-35% less as compared the traditional house.

While making the comparison between the modular homes, remember that you are comparing the same kinds of homes. That is because these homes are built in sections and a little change can add or reduce the cost. Another factor that adds in the cost of your modular homes is the place they are fabricated and the place where you need them to be installed.

They Are Equally Strong To The Site-Built House

These modular homes are built in sections and are transported on the back of the truck. Due to the high risk of breaking while transferring using a highway, the constructors usually use more screws to make it stronger. Also, they add adhesive material to give strength to the structure. The professional constructors are well aware of the fact that the wear and tear of such homes are high. Therefore, to ensure the quality, they take the measures before-hand. However, it’s another reality that you cannot compare the strength of a module home with the traditional construction as they can’t be relocated.

They Offer Easy Financing

Being different from the usual construction, people usually assume that financing a modular home would be difficult. Well, that is not the truth.

As these homes take less time for construction, they offer better financing options. This feature is beneficial for the ones who deal in real estate agency. If it takes a mortgage out to pay for the construction, another house can be built before the due date of the first one. These leads to faster and easy payment methods. If you are looking for a shelter to live and do not have enough time to wait, the bankers will respond more efficiently to proceed the requests.

When you talk about the value of construction, these homes are not less than the traditional ones by any mean. Once installed perfectly at the place, it would be difficult for you to find the difference between the two. If you are thinking any of such thing, you might be mixing these homes with the mobile ones. Stop and look for the difference.

They Last Longer, If Installed Rightly

Apparently, modular homes may look shabby and feeble, but you do not have to worry. Looking at the history of the modular home, nothing justifies that these homes cannot withstand the weather changes. They were built back in the time when everything was destructed in the traumatic and violent incident of World War II. The homes built back in the middle of the 20th century is still around, so there is no reason you can doubt the strength, toughness, and firmness.

One proven reason behind the firmness of the module house is that there manufactures can be tracked back. Whereas with traditional homes, once the construction is done, it’s done. What you need to take care of is to look for a constructor who has the experience of years. However, do not forget to look for the credentials before-hand.

They Also Offer Customization

The best thing about the modular homes is that they can be customized in a way you want to look at your house. The professional module home builders have a portfolio that holds different designs for you to choose from. From windows to doors, sidings, colors, and everything, you can have whatever you like. For those who think these homes are boring and dull, it’s up to what decisions you take to uplift the appearance and how you make it more attractive. However, you need to be very careful while choosing the exterior and interior colors. Modular homes can be anything you want them to be as far as you are consulting the right manufacturer.

As the house is constructed in sections, you can stack one block above the other and can install it in a tiny plot. With these little twists, your construction cost may vary.

The Process Of Construction Is Different

One of the major benefits of modular homes is that they take less time to be fully constructed. They have known as fabricated homes and built indoors, the process can be wrapped up in a couple of weeks. They are far away from the typical on-site delays, commonly caused by the change in weather condition. When you step into having a module home, invest time in shopping around and do a little homework on finding the right materials. Just like not all the home constructors and remodelers are same, not all the modular home construction factories are same. The prominent aspects that differ the companies are the quality, services, and price.

The Inspection Process Is Not Different

Just like a typically constructed home needs an inspection to know the quality of the house, same goes for the modular house. They have all the same features as a normal house such as;

  • Electrical systems
  • HVAC system
  • Plumbing
  • Building Material and more.

The modular homes are built with higher standards and need a more precise inspection to confirm that they are built under the light of building codes and conducts. As these homes are constructed in sections, they are also inspected at every level. Once done with the installation and assembling, they are again inspected by the local inspectors to ensure they are safe for living.

You Can Relocate Them Easily

These modular homes are easy to relocate, just like moving a container. However, the cost will be a little bit higher but not higher than you spend on transporting the material for the conventional building. The individual building block is easy to relocate buy road or through ships. Once you load them on the transport, you do not have to worry about anything. Their transportation is not different than transporting cars and heavy machines across the border. After reaching the place, you just need to assemble it under the supervision of an expert.

In case you need to relocate them in the future, you can do that without any hassle. These building blocks are just Legos, you can twist them the way you like it. With these portable homes, you do not have to worry about finding a new home every time when the plan to move to another city or state.

Modular Homes Are Not Mobile Homes

The major difference between the modular homes and mobile homes is the restriction of building codes. The mobile homes are not constructed following the codes of conduct required for the construction, the mobile homes are more like a temporary home, whereas the modular homes are built just like on-site construction home. So, do not confuse these modular homes with the mobile homes as the price-value of a mobile home is low as compared to the former.

Do Not Confuse Them With The Ship Containers

Shipping containers can also be called a modular home, yet the functions are different. The difference between a shipping container can be clearly highlighted whereas the difference between conventional homes and modular homes is hard to tell.

Modular Homes Can Be Remodel

The most loving feature of a module home is that it can be remodeled just like the conventional homes. If you are bored of your kitchen or bathroom, you can contact one of the most reputable and professional home remodeling companies in Cupertino CA. Ensure that the company is familiar with what it takes to remodel a modular home. Despite the credentials, remodeling companies possess, ensure that they understand the home structurally before providing a remodeling plan. With the high durability and a little remodeling, you can live in your house for years.

What Does It Take To Own A Module Home?

Deciding between a conventional home and module home can be tough. However, below are a few factors you can enjoy with a modular home.

  • High-quality construction
  • Takes minimal construction time
  • Cost-effective

So, it’s up to you for making the right decision, depending on your finance and other personal choices.