The internet has become such an integral part of people’s lives today – it is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity in many countries. The impact and influence of the world wide web are so profound and far-reaching that it affects many aspects of life and business.

Having a website and learning how to build a website from scratch are essentials and non-negotiables for anyone wanting their business to take-off. If you want your company to be relevant and visible, a website is a must-have nowadays.

A website is not a must-have just because other businesses have one. There are many ways it can help your business grow and thrive online and here are just four of them:

  • A website can enhance your visibility and local presence. When someone looks for a specific product or service nowadays, he or she will no longer flip through the pages of a telephone directory or newspaper. Instead, he or she will run a quick search online. Having a website means that your potential clients and investors will get the chance to see you and know more about your offers.
  • A website can open many marketing channels. Having a website means you can easily make use of different online marketing strategies such as content marketing, PPC, affiliate marketing, and even social media marketing. Most of these digital marketing strategies are effective and more affordable than using traditional marketing channels.
  • A website extends your business hours. As business owners, one of your primary considerations is your customers’ convenience. Having a website provides them with round-the-clock business hours, especially if you have an e-commerce website. A website is not restricted by time zones or location and it gives your customers access to your business at any time and from anywhere.
  • A website helps increase your credibility. Nowadays, a lot of people will be dubious of businesses that do not have a website or any online presence. Websites have become a form of credibility checks against potential scams. Having one will improve your customer’s trust and confidence with your business.

Author Bio: Oskar Janso, founder of, UI/UX designer and developer with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing