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Just a few decades ago, some would dread hearing that they were bound to “pack it up and stay in a hotel” for a set amount of time. Even if they didn’t have cable TV at home, there was a pool out front and the location was decent, and business travelers, those going through new phases in their life, and folks negotiating the tail end of a home sale sometimes ended up in these situations.

When confined to a traditional hotel, many people begin to feel homesick, congested, and all—around uncomfortable. You end up eventually feeling cramped, and begin to crave the fluffy pillows and many other luxuries of home. When the many curve balls of life are thrown at you unannounced, capitalizing on the features of an extended stay hotel may be a bit more pleasurable.

Higher-quality furniture, spacious rooms, and a sense that you can truly be unpacked for once are the predominant allures of the extended stay. We all know the ominous feeling that sets in when you have opted for fast food one too many times, and getting excited to find an extra cracker pack or bag of chips in your carry-on: at some point, the ability to fix a truly healthy or 3-course meal at your residence becomes a must.

Spring is finally here, and this means that the real estate market is heating up in a major way. This is the time for people who have been poised to sell to do so, and find the most suitable buyer there is for their property. There is sometimes a duration of “limbo” when the transaction has closed but the newly-purchased property may not be ready yet.

Even though it may not seem like it at first, selecting an extended stay in your new city could be the best option for you when the time comes. Staying with relatives could prove to be cumbersome, and it is simply amazing how anyone’s mood can change within a matter of a few days. After already negotiating what may have been a tough transaction, you now are potentially in a space where you feel as if you are imposing on others.

The provision of a home-like environment Is what you are really paying for, although it sure can be nice to go downstairs in your slippers and enjoy a large complimentary breakfast! Over the past decade, extended stay locations have become fitted with much better furnishings, and have really honed in on providing you with all the comfort you require to unwind.

Many situations that the current market still sees may involve a short-sale, or transaction with a property that is distressed. Extended stay hotels can really provide extra value for the homeowner during this time, because you don’t have to wait for any approval, just have the available funds ready and move in for any defined amount of time.

A full-size fridge, 2-burner stove, cabinet space, laundry, and wifi are just a few of the features that can make an extended stay hotel just as pleasurable as home, and many are now featuring pet-friendly rooms and facilities as well. When you really can see the savings that an extended stay can offer it is after you factor in HOA fees, gas, water, trash, internet, and cable. home living absolutely comes with a higher price tag, and extended stay options offer a fairly easy way of living.

Even if it seems like a small detail, the fact that many extended stay kitchens come fully-equipped can really be a game-changer. There is nothing more frustrating than surviving a difficult move to another city and upon arrival, have to look over the contents of a U-Haul or your own car to figure out where the saucepan is!

In some cities, population growth is happening much faster than building can keep up, and this is yet another reason why extended stay options remain attractive. One change that is evident within the real estate market is regarding the features provided by an agent: just a short time ago, once the sale was coordinated, the seller was on the phone arranging loose ends and finding a place to temporarily call home.

There are now entrepreneurs who have enough experience in the real estate world to understand that what sellers need more than ever is to be able to obtain multiple services to help them during the sale. Many stressed-out sellers will have cause to celebrate when they realize that companies such as Dorrmat are providing a cash offer, moving services, and even extended stay benefits all under the guise of one swift transaction.

To do transactions swiftly and without headache in the very near future, many major markets are bound to become quite familiar with those who had vision and were ahead of the curve, providing services far beyond the bare minimum. If you are among those who find themselves in the position of selling property soon, it is nice to know that amenities to make life easier such as extended stay hotels are waiting on standby to be promptly packaged and offered to you!