Have you been long planning a holiday amidst greenery with good food? Step into the captivating state of Wisconsin, the cheese capital, nestled in American Midwest. The exclusive blend of vibrant urban cities, natural sightseeing, and cheese delight makes a memorable trip.

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Places to visit in Wisconsin for a memorable trip  

America’s Dairy Land

Cows and cows are everywhere, and there is milk to drink; with over 3 million cows producing over 25 billion pounds of milk, Wisconsin has become one of the top dairy-producing states. 

With milk comes cheese; the state produces over 350 varieties of cheese, contributing to 25% production of entire America’s cheese. You can also learn the history of cheese making at the National Historic Cheesemaking Center in Monroe. 

You can also take a tour of a cheese factory, stop over at a farmer’s market and sample different kinds of cheese. To know more about this location, you can browse through unlimited data by procuring reasonable packages from holafly.

Famous Foods in Wisconsin

The fresh meals of the Midwest are here for you all to try. From beer-simmered sausages, called Beer Brats grilled and served with mustard on a bun, to Cheese Curds, the most famous food of the cheese-making capital, made from fresh cheddar cheese, can be savored on the go. 

You can even try the Limburger Sandwich; however, be warned that the flavor of stinky cheese and the raw onions can linger on your breath long after you are done eating.

Plus, when we are talking about cheese, how can the beloved beer be left out? You can sip the beer in beer gardens, which has been produced in breweries across the state since way back in the 1830s. The most famous breweries are Miller, Pablo, and Schlitz. 

Native American Tribes

There are as many as 11 Native American Tribes in the state, the largest east of the Mississippi River, each with unique culture, food, traditions, history, art, and crafts. Be a part of the annual event to celebrate the Native American culture, which features traditional dance, music, and food. 

Outdoor Activities

Fishing, swimming, boating, hiking, camping, and bird watching; if you like any of these activities, you should straight away head to the state. With over 15,000 lakes and over 60 state parks, and with all four seasons in all their glory, Wisconsin is one must-go-to-place for all nature lovers at any time of the year.  

If you are a football fan, you can always catch a match during the winter at Lambeau Field. It is a historic stadium with a lovely atmosphere and passionate fans.

Urban Delights


Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, has rolling hills and beautiful lakes and is the home to the University of Wisconsin, which gives life to the night scene in and around the city. Milwaukee, the largest city in Wisconsin, is the most thriving place with attractions like museums, sports teams, and beautiful art collections.