Laravel development

Development is a creative thing that must be thoroughly enjoyed and must not be an experience that you want to forget and Laravel is a framework that establishes this fact. Laravel was first released in 2011 and since then has grown multi-fold and is now considered as the best PHP framework in 2017. Laravel development companies are on boom now.

There are a plethora of PHP frameworks for the web developers to work with but Laravel is an open source PHP application framework that follows MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern. The best part about using Laravel is that it enables the developers to build web applications with utmost ease.

Moreover, Laravel offers a one-stop solution as a PHP development platform for building web apps as well as complex APIs. It is termed as a classy and clean framework for PHP web development.

Not only that, by using the simple and expressive syntax of Laravel you can create wonderful applications that liberate you from developing spaghetti code. According to Taylor Otwell, the author of Laravel, this is a framework that strives ahead to impart the joys of programming to the web developers and all that is due to the elegant, simple and well-documented nature of Laravel.

Furthermore, most of the functions in Laravel work seamlessly with very little configuration. It prevents any sort of code bloat by following industry-standard conventions. the functionalities in Laravel are easy to implement and understand. Moreover, Laravel comes with complete documentation.

The architecture and the libraries that accompany Laravel allow the developers to write well-structured and beautiful code – for creating some of the most amazing web applications.

However, the developers must be able to tweak or tweet this PHP framework and harness the power of it to enhance the performance of the web applications.

In this post, we will highlight on some of the top 5 useful tips from some of the expert Laravel developers. Let is now delve into “What are the Tips from Expert Laravel Developers?”.

Top 5 Tips from Expert Developers on Laravel

Some of the top 5 useful tips for Laravel are :

  • Flexible Routing
  • Easy Relationship
  • Binding Form Model Building
  • Simple Authentication
  • Queues

Flexible Routing

Laravel is unique in nature and it can be used in a number of ways. It has a simple routing system. Laravel makes use of closures – that is helpful for small projects and APIs. But, it can make use of controllers too, that is useful for majority of the projects. So, Laravel is an all-time favourite of the developers when we consider routing with flexibility.

Easy Relationship

If we speak in terms of building relationship with other programs then Laravel offers the developers with an easy option. A task in Laravel belongs to an user and all that the developers need to learn is tweaking the Eloquent models with the assumption that the relevant database tables are setup.

Form Model Building

It becomes helpful to link a form to a model. The developers make use of the form model binding by instantly populating the form fields with the values from the associated table rows. The correct values from the table is displayed through the inputs as the form is now linked with a specific instance.

Simple Authentication

Laravel adopts a simple approach to authentication. You have to pass an array of credentials – fetched from a login form. The user gets an instant login if the values provided get stored in the user’s table. It has a easy option to log out the users.


When a user signs up for your application, a number of events are bound to happen. There are a number of actions that take place consuming a lot of your valuable time.

Some of these actions may be updating a database, sending a welcome email even raising an invoice. But, instead of the users made to wait for these actions it is better to throws the actions into the background.

Laravel has a brilliant option  in this regards – offering support for push queues. We can leverage the power of queues – that too without any “daemon”or “worker” experience. This is done by registering a URL endpoint using Laravel by using a Laravel command. Each and every time a job is added to the queue, will ping the chosen URL.


We conclude to say that in today’s world of technological advancement and agile development, rapid application development is always preferred by the developers, while creating a Laravel application with lots of functionalities. Laravel comes with lots of plugins and these plugins produce the required functionalities.

Moreover, the plugins result in the number of libraries and files to be loaded. It is often recommended that these plugins must be considerably reduced so as to enhance the speed of development.