Gorgeous Ombre Hairstyle Ideas

The ombre hairstyle is one of the hottest hair trends today. The ombre hair is a great way to express yourself and add some special extra shine to your look. This simple, but so chic hairstyle has become extremely popular over the last few years and as you know it is widely used not only in hairstyling but also in nail art, painting, fashion and many other beauty industries.

An ombre is defined as an impressive coloring technique where the top of the hair is darker and the ends of the hair are lighter (but it also happens vice versa). Every woman and not only a woman can wear the ombre as it`s possible on any color of hair, any length and any type of hair.

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A lot of women prefer the ombre hairstyle to any other and they have several reasons to do so. First of all, the ombre is so demanded because it gives an additional glow to hair, masks damaged ends and makes ends look thicker. Then the ombre hair is a low-maintenance style that in fact does the hair more dimensional.

Today`s ombre is so versatile and covers different ombre colors for more natural to drastic hairstyling. Now the choice of colors for ombre can vary from 2 tones lighter to more contrasting hues.

There is one main point of how to choose the right color for the superb ombre. If you decide to try this charming hairstyle the choice for your ends must be determined by your skin tone. Icy and cool ombre hues fit well for the cool skin tone, warm and golden ombre shades are paired with the warm skin tone.

Here you’ll find really gorgeous ideas of ombre hairstyle and certainly pick up the best look for your ombre.

Natural Ombre Hairstyle

Natural Ombre HairstyleSo, you’ve already understood that ombre hairstyle is divided into two types. The first type is a subtle ombre (when you see a slight color transition) and the second one is a radical version (when you see a very visible color transition or full transition). Now you see the example of the second ombre type, namely, blonde ends and caramel top. Fair ends make the hair lighter and more luxuriant.

Smoky Silver Ombre

Smoky Silver OmbreOmbre fits any hairstyle. Here you see a short bob with loose waves which make this chrome melt wonderfully. Such a smoky blending of dark and light gray is commonly called grombre – a trendy color combination of those ladies who would like to diversify their look with the help of the fresh and elegant hair color solution.

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Delicate Chocolate Ombre Hair

Delicate Chocolate Ombre HairIf you want to maintain your status as a chocolate brunette and at the same time your soul wants to experiment you have to try this delicate ombre. Ask your barber to add cool almond shades at the ends to make your look more enigmatic. Here is an example of how beautiful chocolate ombre can highlight your most attractive facial features.

High Contrast Ombre – from Ultra-Black to Silver Blue

High Contrast Ombre - from Ultra-Black to Silver BlueA great contrast makes a great effect! Such type of full transition ombre fit those women who want to hear “Wow!” all the time and pay a lot of men`s attention. Such a dramatic transition from super dark to silver blue changes your look radically and cannot be overlooked.

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Bright Crimson Ombre Hair

Bright Crimson Ombre HairOmbre hair means that you can play with colors as you see in this splendid example. This crimson rock star color creates a stark contrast with black roots to draw attention. But such ombre is also known as a perfect travel hairstyle because it is ideal for maintaining your style in traveling.

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Blue Ombre Hairstyle

Blue Ombre HairstyleThis blue ombre is great for curly hair but it would look equally fabulous on the straight one. The best thing about this look is in super fun pop color on the ends. It gives freshness and lightness to the image.

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Two-Toned Red Ombre

Two-Toned Red OmbreThe mixture of dark roots and a vibrant bright red color transition smoothly into light pink is head turning. This is really a “fiery ombre” and by the way, red is one of the universal colors that goes with every skin tone and hair type, all you need is to choose the right shade.

Pretty Purple Ombre Hair

Pretty Purple Ombre HairThis is a perfect hairstyle for women who want to accent that they don’t take life too seriously and prefer to enjoy it no matter what. It is also a nice way to demonstrate the depth and dimension of your hair with a cool color blending.

Platinum Ombre Hairstyle

Platinum Ombre HairstyleIf you want to experiment with ombre hair, but you don’t aim to try any shocking ombre it is a stunning option for you! This natural look consists of dark gray roots and platinum blond ends that make amazing result for the straight hair.

Do you really want to try the ombre hair? It is a good decision. It`s time for changing!