Enhance Your Records With Biometric Attendance System Software

Tracking attendance with biometrics is convenient for both employees and employers. For one, it is fast. Nobody has to worry about losing or wearing out swipe cards, and they can keep their information private.

But what about employers? What about records and data collection? Bosses and managers don’t need technology that creates front-end efficiency and a back-end log jam.

The good news is that biometric attendance system software is not just the latest high-tech fad. It is highly practical and designed to endure. Most programs contain hyper-efficient comprehensive reporting structures that will satisfy any business’ record-keeping needs. Here is what you should know:

Arrival & Departure Tracking

Arrival and departure tracking is the primary function of any attendance program. Biometric Attendance System Software (BAS) has additional capabilities that allow HR personnel to create breakdowns that can easily track who is on time, tardy or frequently absent. These reports can then be turned into tangible graphs that compare weekly, monthly or annual discrepancies (for example, holidays).

Managed Leave Reporting 

Biometric Attendance System Software automates and records a wide range of employee absence options. This includes sick, leaves, personal time and unexcluded leave. Employees can also request time off or submit a modification to their schedules through their mobile devices. The software will record the time the request is made and the employee’s reason for being absent, in his or her own words. Finally, with Biometric Attendance System Software, time-off requests and other attendance records can be filed directly into an employee’s file. 

Integrated Payroll Postings 

When a biometric attendance system software processes the clocking in and out of employees, it can also take note of whether the hours are regular time, overtime or holiday/special pay circumstances. These hours and different time codes are automatically run through a payroll application, according to an individual employee’s pay rate.

Furthermore, Biometric Attendance System Software makes available itemized reports of any pay structure, be it for an individual, one department or the entire company. The software also allows for the input or adjustment of union, state or federal regulations so that pay and tax information is never outdated. 

Employee Self-Service and Input 

Report accessibility is not only for employers. Employees benefit from portal applications that allow them to review attendance records and payroll information. Should an employee detect a discrepancy anywhere in a report, they can report it through the software itself. 

Analytic Analysis 

The analytic capabilities of BAS software can line up its various reporting structures so that they can be compared individually or against one another.

For example, you may notice that trends in tardiness are preceding trends in employee sick time. Or maybe the majority of your employees are filing for additional leave around the holidays every year. This type of information can be transferred to digitized calendars such as Outlook or Google, which can help to support labor shortage predictions in the months or years to come. 

Final Verdict: Biometric Attendance System Software Worth the Investment

If you are looking for comprehensive and cutting-edge reporting services, consider a biometric attendance software system. With time, you will notice unmatched organization in all of your record-keeping processes.