Electric Scooter

Companies created electric scooter sharing programs to provide a fast and convenient form of personal electric transportation in urban areas.  However, electric scooter sharing programs have not been without debate. Just earlier this year, the scooter sharing programs started emerging in cities across the US. They were apparently seen quite suddenly on street corners and sidewalks so that riders can identify them via smartphone apps and take the service.

Oppositions of electric scooters criticize it of being dangerous vehicles of creating risks for the pedestrians. Reading through several reviews from scooter sites like ScooterAdviser, you can tell that many of these scooters cannot be considered as simple toys as their motors are powerful and run fast.Fresh studies show a big number of Americans supporting the rental programs of electric scooters, which carries evidence that the use of these scooters is not merely a fad.

Qualtrics has recently released a new study which provides the feeling of Americans regarding the vehicle’s share programs. It was a survey on over 500 adults across the US.

In the survey, it has been found that electric scooter share companies such as Skip, Lime and others are familiar to all the respondents. Electric scooter share programs had been used personally by 176 respondents.

Is it sustainable?

About 55% of Americans believe that the electric scooter share programs would sustain. Major companies of this vehicle are also risking their investment quite high to maximize market share as much as possible.

Electric scooter share programs competition

Of course, electric scooter sharing programs are not existing without competition. Bicycle sharing programs, for instance, are there. Yes, the majority of commuters expressed a preference on electric scooter sharing programs. 70% claim that electric scooter sharing programs are more useful. Interestingly, 75% expressed their views that electric scooters are more fun to ride.

Electric scooter share finances

A good number of companies expresses a proactive approach to incite new riders and claim by sharing an electric scooter the commutes would be able to save money because they are less costly than many pricey vehicles. Records show that just 50% users of electric scooter sharing programs believe that they’ll save money. Interestingly, 19% has the feeling that they’re spending more money but positive to use them!

Electric scooter share real-life experiences

The overall feeling of the electric scooter sharing programs’ riders is very positive. Studies show, 88% are very satisfied with the ‘last time experience’ on this vehicle. 82% had good experience in locating the electric scooters. 85% had positive experience regarding its availability. 85% gave positive feedback on its sign-up process. Finally, 81% were pleased with the cost.

Violation of law

One big challenge that the electric scooter share programs face is the violation of law while riding the vehicle. Operating these vehicles on the sidewalk is against the universally prohibited law in the US. Studies have found that a majority of the riders operate it on the sidewalks just as they use it on the streets. Shockingly, 18% riders even mentioned that they only ride it on the sidewalk. Whereas, the figure of only riding on street is just 29%.

This issue proves to be the major obstacle for big companies. Because they’ve just warned the legal matter in writing to warn the riders to use the vehicle on the sidewalks. This did not resist the riders to abide by the law.

The environmental effect

The environmental influence of electric scooter shares is another effective marketing factor. It is indeed a convenient, fun and health-friendly vehicle. Moreover, it is affordable for most people. A study shows that 66% of people gave a positive feedback regarding its environmental impact. 75% people agree that it is an effective prevention against air pollution.

Most people are unaware of the traffic and congestion matter of electric scooter share programs. Only 24% seem to be anxious about traffic issues. 17% feels that more use of electric scooter share programs would probably improve the traffic issues.

Major Benefits of E-Scooter Sharing Business

  • Environmental Benefits:
    • Reduced emissions
    • Lower carbon footprint
  • Cost-Effective:
    • Low operating costs
    • Efficient resource use
  • Convenience:
    • Last-mile transportation
    • App-based booking
  • Reduced Traffic Congestion:
    • Alternative for short trips
    • Frees up road space
  • Profit Potential:
    • Rental fees, partnerships, data analytics
    • Scalability for expansion
  • Health Benefits:
    • Promotes physical activity
    • Reduces stress
  • Reduced Parking Demand:
    • Takes up less space than cars
    • Eases parking issues
  • Accessibility:
    • Inclusive transportation
    • Helps bridge mobility gaps
  • Data Collection and Analytics:
    • Valuable data for planning
    • Optimizing transportation
  • Job Creation:
    • Employment opportunities
    • Local economic contribution

Public opinion seems quite in favor of the electric scooter sharing programs. This makes the future outlook of this vehicle promising and potential.