Buying a House

Buying a house or apartment is a life-changing decision, and that’s why it’s best to approach it seriously. Anyone who has already gone through the process will confirm that. You will receive a lot of information in a short time, which means that good preparation is necessary. In this article, we want to give you some advice on what you should and shouldn’t do during the whole house buying process.

Things you should do

#1. Prepare well

The first step in house hunting is knowing what you want. Know what is important to you regarding the neighbourhood. If there are children in your family, check if there are schools available in your area. Also, take the number of bedrooms into account. Sit quietly in front of a piece of paper and write down exactly what you are looking for in your new home. Do you still have a house or apartment dilemma? Then write down the pros and cons of each possibility. Consider the number of bedrooms, the budget, the neighbourhood and everything you can imagine.

After you have completed the list, you can divide it into two columns. On the one hand, the criteria that are really necessary – such as the number of bedrooms – and on the other the points that aren’t so important but preferred. Maybe you can live well with the fact that the second car of the family has no fixed parking space because there is enough space in the street itself.

Afterwards, you can start your search for your dream home!

#2. Check your financial options

Obviously, buying real estate without the necessary budget wouldn’t be successful. That is why it’s best to check in advance all the financial possibilities before you can enter the housing market. Check how much savings do you have, or you simply visit the bank and ask them how much money you can borrow. In addition, you must also consider the costs of a home loan and some hidden costs that will reveal in the future.

#3. Negotiate

If you have finally found your dream home and there is, for example, a price tag of 300,000 euros, then you should know that the initial price is negotiable in many cases. So, always try to negotiate the price and then wait for the owner’s counter-offer. In this way, you end up somewhere halfway where both parties can agree. Afterwards, you will, of course, pay a few additional costs on top of the accepted offer. If you are not sure about your decision, be guided by Real estate The Pattisall Group – the company which hires only experienced professionals.

Things you shouldn’t do

#1. Don’t do it alone

Regardless of your experience, buying a house is not a walk in the park. You can arrange everything by yourself, but of course, you must be well prepared and know for sure what you are starting. Try to get extra advice from family members, friends or acquaintances who have already bought a house or apartment, or go for a deal with a buying agent.

#2. Not visiting a house? Bad decision!

You never buy a car without a test drive, and similar goes with buying a home. If you are looking for a real estate, there is a chance that you will visit houses or apartments that were built some twenty years ago. Of course, these are still more than decent, but over time, some problems may arise. That is why it’s necessary to pre-inspect certain items such as plumbing or other potential problems.

A thorough evaluation will reveal any difficulties with the house. So come along with a friend or expert who will also point you to problems that may arise in the future. The report then gives you a good insight into the work that needs to be done, so that you can also include this in your budget.

#3. Don’t rush when buying a house

The promise of buying a new home can affect potential buyers who have never done it before. Certainly, when you have no experience in looking for a real estate, it can be both incredibly exciting and stressful. The big danger here is that you become impatient and ultimately want to be too fast. In many cases, this is not a good idea. So let yourself be guided again by a friend, a professional advisor, or a family member who calms you down and works with the necessary patience.