You may not have thought about it, but even a simple color change can give a major boost to your kitchen’s look. With the right dose of tinge, you can transform it into a stylish or sophisticated haven. Usually, the first thing that anyone does is brewing tea or coffee for a fresh start. But if the kitchen is already alive with the pop of color, you don’t have to wake yourself up; its invigorating energy will weave natural magic on you.  You can pop any color in a kitchen in several ways. For example, you can add them to the walls, appliances, countertops, cabinets, etc.

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Nevertheless, choosing the right shade can be daunting because of the sheer variety, even if you know whether you want a light or profound impact. Not many people prefer darker hues for the fear that their room would look depressing or glum. But there is no need to follow in their footsteps, especially when you desire to build a sleek space. Colors like charcoal grey, forest green, navy blue, and black belong to the darker family. You may not apply them all over, but you can incorporate their presence into different things. How? Here are some kitchen design ideas for darker themes. Let’s hurry through them.

Kitchen cabinets 

A monochrome kitchen theme can be perfect for playing with a dark shade like black. Since black and white have been perennial partners, you can leverage them a little more. You can include white wooden flooring and matte black cabinets, for example, to create a fascinating appearance. At the same time, your worktop and bar area can come together to help you have breakfast or a meal with your family. You can lay a handmade floor rug in the center or at an appropriate space for some rustic indulgence. The overall charm would be even more if the kitchen has wooden beams also.


Some interior experts believe that darker walls feel peaceful. Hence, you can opt for them hassle-free. Pair them with matching cabinetry, or go for a statement wall. The impact will be powerful and delicious. Suppose you choose green for its crisp and smart vibe. You know it can be effortlessly warm, making your modern kitchen feel comfortable. You can extend this color to the cabinets to heighten the visual appeal. Although going full-scale with darker tones can be challenging, you don’t have to worry too much when working with deep green. If you have a brick-style wall, you can cover it with your favorite deep green and complement its look with dining chairs and cabinets.

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Some householders adore this theme in their kitchen to the extent that they don’t mind cooking for endless hours without getting bored or tired. The fern-green look from ceilings to walls tends to be so full of itself that you don’t miss anything. Besides, when you create a coordinated impression throughout the walls, cabinets, and ceilings, you get a theatrical and sleek aura to bask in; that’s why you don’t have to feel threatened with a darker theme. Once done, you would enjoy coming back to it. 

However, extend your idea of the dark color beyond the oversize features when you talk of cohesiveness. It can be something smaller, too, like a dark faucet from Kraus. Since you get plenty of options in the market, it becomes easy to leverage their aesthetics and functions. 


Your kitchen requires a dedicated space for storing dry goods and others. That’s where the role of the pantry comes into play. If you keep it well-stacked, you get quick access to the essentials even when in a rush. At the same time, the whole space feels neat and attractive. If possible, opt for a folding door design in this area. You can keep your items hidden or in the open as you wish. In some households, you would come across pull-out cabinets. These look stunning while providing excellent storage. The items remain nicely tucked inside, helping to elevate tidiness and clean lines.

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If you incline toward dark blue, it can be the right thing to choose in the kitchen feather. The free-standing unit can introduce the pop of color in a neutral environment in an instant. Whether you use that space for hosting family gatherings or parties, the luxurious vibes emanating from this would be impossible to ignore. 

In a small kitchen also, you can trust this to stand out from the rest. There can be a navy-blue pull-out cabinet with open shelves above for additional storage. You can decorate it with the choicest accessories and install a fridge bang nearby to define the space’s practical utility.


An updated kitchen look can also be easy to achieve through dark floors. However, your cabinets would have to wear a light tone. Flooring can be stone, vinyl, or dark wood, though. If you believe in a grown-up look, choose a high gloss floor in dark shades. Combine this with full-length windows that invite plenty of sunshine; the elevated island, on the other hand, can take care of the functional part.

Some kitchens use dark parquet wooden flooring and pair it with green paneled walls. If you are a fan of traditional interiors, you should not hesitate to copy this. Still, before keeping your finger on anything, you must first explore all the possibilities to avoid a sense of loss later on when everything is ready. To be precise, you may want your kitchen to come across as sharp and bold. In that case, gray kitchen floors can ease your job. If you wish to make it more powerful, you can add the same tint to walls and deck it up with golden accents. 

Working on a personal kitchen project can be both fun and intimidating. But you can overcome your fears with proper research and application of ideas. You cannot alone get all the nuances right, so seek family and friends’ recommendations also to get going. It would allow you to be confident about your decisions.