Kitchen Renovation

When you undertake the work of kitchen renovation, you can hardly ignore the significance of color. Therefore, you have to use suitable color combinations before adding them to the kitchen. You can play with unlimited colors when it comes to kitchen renovation, but when you are trying to set trends and create unique combinations, you must have a few references handy so that you know what to apply to the kitchen.  Whether you have the requisite funds to undertake the major work of renovation or not, try to choose those options that would not force you to break the bank.

Take a look at the following points to understand how to make your kitchen more colorful.

Dark and white shades

Are you wondering whether to add dark or light shades in the kitchen? While you can plaint certain areas dark, the rest of the places can go all white. Believe it or not, it will make your kitchen more elegant and still maintain the simplistic look. What you can do is to make the features light and the paint dark. After all, the combination of the dark and white shades is a classic option and no one can deny that. Some of the dark shades that are going to make you crazy are green, emerald, or navy and the lighter shade is white.

Lower your budget with enough options

You might have to run the show within a tight budget as far as kitchen renovation is concerned. However, when it comes to creating the greatest impact, the sinks made from fireclay and cast iron will make it impressive, but can take a toll on your finance. So, the best option is to use a sink made from stainless steel with colored porcelain on the top, which not only makes it durable, but cost you much less than the previous options.

Painting the cabinets

For kitchen cabinet renovation, the best option is to paint the cabinets in bright and lively shades. If you want to add a hint of liveliness to the kitchen without hitting the budget of renovation, this is the option to choose.

Color at the backdrop of cooking area

The addition of a bold color from the ceiling to the floor may seem experimental initially, but you can always try to move beyond the usual. How about a kitchen with moody lights all over and a dark red shade behind the cooking area. If you are using a steel vent for the kitchen chimney, the contrast of shades can work well. The idea of making the background bright has been a popular option for a long time.

Finding the perfect colorful rug

Brightening and coloring the kitchen is not always about changing the wall colors. The rug underneath the chairs can make the place equally lively. All that you have got to do is to take appropriate measurement of the area in which to insert the rug and you can accomplish your aim.

Garden on the wall

Going green is the latest trend and while more people think of ways to make the kitchen interesting, adding a few herb plants on the wall can convey more than you expect. How about the sweet smell that surrounds your kitchen area along with the green color of the plants. Cen there be anything more invigorating?

Choose the subtle shades

It is true that certain shades work best when you are planning a kitchen renovation, but how about the earthy shades? For changing the look of your kitchen, using shades such as walnut or light oak whether you add them to the countertop or the cabinets.

Color through open shelves

While looking for an opportunity to paint the kitchen, you have to go with open shelves and paint them in white. Adding colorful dishware in those shelves can fulfill your idea of making the kitchen colorful.

Painting a single wall 

Instead of painting all the walls in the kitchen, why not paint a single wall and make it dark and leave the rest with a lighter shade. For example, you can paint a wall green and choose a dark shade of the color and paint the rest in a shade of light cream.

For coloring the kitchen, you can use as many shades you want if you imagine that it is a blank image. However, you have to add colors that make your kitchen functional and adds a balancing tone to it.