Different types of Electrical Emergencies You Should Know About

Electrical issues can arise anytime. However, knowing how to change a lightbulb is very different from other electrical problems. This is the reason why; these types of work should be handed over to professionals only. It is always better to be saved, and professionals know how to fix electrical issues mainly because they come with years of experience. Always make sure to keep the contact number of a reliable electrician of the area ready. Most of the established companies will offer their service 24×7.

In case of any emergencies, the best thing to do would be to get out of the safe, ask everyone else to come out of the place, and be somewhere safe. Also, call the emergency contact number and alert 911 if needed. Another thing to do would be to cut the power. If you see some electrical fire, use the fire extinguisher to put off the fire. These tips are essential to follow.

Now get to know about the situations which can be termed as electrical emergencies.

The smell of burning wires

If you can smell of plastic burning or burnt metal, then there could be some wires burning in your complex. If you can smell something like that, then you should take this issue seriously. Burning wire often goes unnoticed; however, if you can smell something, you must escalate the problem as soon as possible. Wires get burnt when they overheat. This can also happen due to faulty wiring and bad connection. Burning wires come under emergency service. Explain what you smell correct so that the team comes in prepared.

You can hear a buzzing or hammering sound coming out of the breaker box

The breaker usually tips off whenever there is an issue with the electrical system. However, in case of complications, the breaker might start making some noises, such as buzzing or hammering sound. If this is happening, then the breaker is trying to fix the other electrical system issue but is unable to. If you hear some noises coming out of the breaker box, you should call for help as soon as possible. Breaker issues can indicate that there is something significant going on in the electrical system.

You see smoking coming out of the outlet

Smoke is never a good sign. The outlet will produce smoke only if there is a critical issue. Also, when there is smoke, there is a massive chance of fire as well. Don’t wait, and call an electrician in Coppell right away. The professional will come in short duration to check what is the real problem for the smoke outbreak and sort it out for you. Also, you should evacuate the place as soon as possible too, alert everyone, and get out of the house to a safe area.

Arc Flash

An arc flash is a release of energy that occurs when electrical current jumps between conductors, causing a brilliant flash of light and intense heat.  Arc flashes are highly dangerous and can cause severe injuries, property damage, and even fatalities.

Arc flashes can occur in various settings, such as industrial facilities, power plants, utility substations, data centers, and even residential properties. Some common causes of arc flashes include equipment failures, insulation breakdown, equipment misoperation, and accidental contact with live electrical parts.

Electrical Storm Damage

Electrical storms, also known as thunderstorms or lightning storms, can cause various types of damage to electrical systems and infrastructure. These storms are characterized by the presence of lightning, thunder, heavy rainfall, strong winds, and sometimes hail.

Electrical storm damage can result in power outages, electrical surges, and other hazards.

There is a loss of power

Power loss causes a lot of nuisance. However, more than a nuisance, failure of power could be an indication of an emergency problem. If the entire street has lost power, things could be different; however, if it is only your house that doesn’t have electricity, you need to contact an electrician because it might have happened due to serious problems. This might have occurred because of some damage in the breaker box. If you feel that the electricity is out for a little too long, call a company to get the issue fixed as soon as possible.


Understanding the various types of electrical emergencies is crucial for maintaining safety in both residential and industrial settings. Electrical fires, electric shocks, power outages, arc flashes, and other potential hazards can pose significant risks to life and property. Being aware of these dangers and knowing how to respond appropriately can help mitigate the impact of electrical emergencies.

Prioritizing electrical safety not only safeguards property and infrastructure but also saves lives.