Contact Lens

The market today, whether physical or online has various options for everything. Whether it is for bags, shoes or brushes, there are different variants of everything. Contact lenses are no different. For the simple purpose of helping someone see better, there are different types of contact lenses that one can choose from depending upon their requirement.

There are three broad classifications of the different types of contact lenses available and having the basic knowledge about each is advisable before going to your optician. Some basic points about each type are discussed below:

Soft Contact Lens

These lenses are most common and popular type of lens available in the market and are widely worn by people needing lenses. They are extremely comfortable, flexible and can be worn for long hours at a stretch because of the latest optical technology that has been used to make them. The design is extremely adaptable and hence makes it compatible for anyone looking at wearing lenses. These lenses are flexible in their nature of allowing the person to switch between glasses and lenses regularly. Some of the best contacts available in the market today are bella contacts and they like the rest provide four different types of soft lens based on the wearing pattern. These are daily disposable, weekly disposable, monthly disposable and extended wear lenses. These lenses are further available based on the different types of eye conditions that need to be corrected. These eye conditions are myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. To find the lens that fits your eye condition and lifestyle an eye test and fitting is recommended with a good optician.

Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Another name for gas permeable contact lenses is hard lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses or GP. They have been in the market longer than soft contact lens and are worn by lens wearers who need a specific type of lens. They can be customized to match different eye types and prescriptions and are perfect for those who need a specific type of vision. They can be worn for longer periods of time and are more durable when compared to soft lens. Unlike the rest these need to be replaced only every six months or one year depending upon requirement.

Coloured Contact Lens

Also known as cosmetic lenses these are soft lenses that can be worn as either daily or monthly disposable which is used to change the eye colour of a person. These are often available in a number of shades and colour. One of the most popular colour is the bella elite sandy brown from the range of bella contacts. They can be purchased to equal a prevailing prescription for both long and short sightedness. A disadvantage with coloured contact lenses is that they are not compatible with severe eye conditions and in this case an optician might have to be consulted. They are also often worn by people who do not require a contact lens but mainly for cosmetic purposes.

Irrespective of the purpose of wearing contact lenses it is extremely important to get a fitting done as eyesight is something that should not be played around with it. One small wrong step can cause problems for a lifetime and it is best to take precaution.