Do you know the reason why astaxanthin has taken a lead role in skin health? It is one of the major ingredients that works wonders for skincare due to its potent antioxidant properties. When it comes to antioxidant prowess, this reddish pigment knocks other members of the xanthophyll carotenoid family and is often referred to as the “king of carotenoids.”

Astaxanthin is about 40 times more effective than beta-carotene. It is one of thousands of powerful nutrients we get from seafood. The pink antioxidant is naturally derived from algae and it plays a significant role in supporting the ability of skin cells to handle oxidative stress, promote skin health, and slow down the signs of aging.

This lipid-soluble nutrient offers numerous benefits to your skin, such as its ability to manage the UV rays from the sun as well as mediate some unhealthy life choices including pollution, smoking, medications, and much more. Astaxanthin is an oxygen-carrying carotenoid that is equipped with vitamin A – one of the most skin-friendly antioxidants you can find around.

In this article, I will discuss the benefits of astaxanthin for skin care and the need to incorporate it in your diet. First and foremost, let’s briefly define what astaxanthin is.

What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid pigment that naturally occurs in yeast, microalgae, trout, shrimp, and other available sea creatures. This is a keto-carotenoid from the family of chemical compounds referred to as “terpenes” produced from dimethylallyl diphosphate, isopentenyl diphosphate, and precursors.

According to researchers, skin aging and diseases are usually triggered by an imbalance of low levels of antioxidants and high oxidative stress; hence, causing cell damage and inflammation resulting in damaged molecules known as “free radicals.” This is where astaxanthin comes into play by providing potent antioxidants that your body needs to combat oxidative damage caused to the skin. Astaxanthin is commonly found in Pacific salmon and is the reason why some fish have a pinkish color. This nutrient is endowed with the most powerful antioxidant used for skin care due to its immeasurable health benefits to the skin. Let’s look at some of these health benefits for skin care.

Health Benefits of Astaxanthin for Skin Care

The health benefits of Astaxanthin for skin care cannot be overemphasized in supporting healthier skin. According to Healthcare Weekly, incorporating astaxanthin in your daily diet or eating astaxanthin as a supplement can offer numerous benefits not only to your skin but also to your heart health, cancer treatment, joint pain, etc. Researchers have shown that the astaxanthin’s antioxidant properties enhance better-hydrated skin with fewer or no wrinkles, fine line, or age spots.

If you have been dreaming of healthier and glowing skin, check out below benefits of astaxanthin for skin care:

 A Good Source of Antioxidant

Astaxanthin is a good source of antioxidants which are incredibly good for your body. The antioxidant properties of astaxanthin are multi-powerful agents for almost overall body health, especially skin health. Its potency has been linked to lowering oxidative stress and improved blood flow in obese and smokers. Antioxidant contained in astaxanthin plays a critical role in managing excessive stress on skin.

 It Promotes Healthy Skin

Astaxanthin can be employed to enhance glowing and healthy skin. Focusing on oral doses or eating a diet high in astaxanthin can promote younger skin, maintain skin moisture, reduce age spots, and smooth wrinkles.

 It Protects Skin against UV Damage

One of the most celebrated benefits of astaxanthin is its ability to protect the skin against UV damage.  The essential nutrients contained in astaxanthin are capable of protecting UV damage by preventing skin collagen reduction and thickening UV-induced skin damage. Apart from that, UVA-induced skin photoaging linked to the aging process can be managed with the help of astaxanthin. However, there are other further ongoing studies on these claims.

 It Improves the Elasticity of the Skin

If you are looking for an efficient skin cell function for improved skin elasticity, astaxanthin has better potent antioxidant properties than vitamin E. These essential nutrients help and protect the skin from the free radical damage throughout the dermal layers which may quicken skin aging process. Studies have shown that skin supplied with a healthy diet like astaxanthin is capable of improving the elasticity of the skin.

 It is a Good Anti-Aging Agent

Skin cannot do but expose to environmental factors which have significant effects on the rate of skin aging. The inflammation resulted from UV exposure leads to the evidence of skin aging signs such as dryness, age spots, loss of elasticity, and wrinkles; thereby speed up the skin aging process. There is no doubt; the skin requires more than just avoiding overexposure to cool climates, sunlight, and dryness. A magic antioxidant contained in astaxanthin may be used as a supplement to boost your skin care routine to assist in fighting skin aging.

Other Benefits of Astaxanthin

Besides the above amazing skin-related benefits of astaxanthin, you can take astaxanthin as a supplement or diet, to offer other numerous health benefits to the body. The nutrients contained in astaxanthin are capable of offering the following benefits:

  • It mitigates oxidative effects of diabetes
  • It helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • It can help reduce heart damage from a heart attack
  • It modulates the body’s immune response
  • It may protect the stomach lining from H. pylori and ulcers
  • It protects the eyes from bacterial inflammation
  • It helps high blood pressure
  • It helps with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • It inhibits cancer cell growth
  • It reduces exercise fatigue
  • It reduces brain damage from stroke
  • It helps recovery from traumatic brain injury
  • It may protect against Alzheimer’s
  • It may protect and treat Parkinson’s

Final Words

The antioxidant properties found in astaxanthin can be linked to its secret to offer so much health benefits to skin care and as well as other advantages to overall wellness. Astaxanthin can be used both topically and orally based on your choice.