Decor Tips

Living in a leased apartment will give you all the amenities and comfort you’ve been wanting ever since you decided to move in a private space. But painting walls, driving in nails, or even upgrading the doors may keep your security deposit at risk. Wondering why waste money in decorating a leased apartment when you’ll have to move to your own house someday?

This doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your leased apartment, though. Good news is that you can implement some cool home decor ideas to revamp the look of a leased apartment and that too without spending a lot

Let’s explore how.

#1. Use Those Hooks

You usually can’t hammer in too many nails in a leased apartment. Command hooks or other adhesive options are usually the best options here. These can hold up picture frames, strings of fairy lights, and many more decorations to liven up those walls.

#2. Remove the Doors

We’re actually talking about the cabinets here. If you can’t repaint those worn-out pieces, take a screwdriver to the doors and use the inside as open shelves.

Leave on some doors to hide the cans and cereal boxes, and use the open ones to display your gorgeous patterned crockery or colored glasses. These are certainly a decoration in themselves, so you can easily make use of this double purpose.

#3. Make Your Surfaces Bigger

Some apartment dwellers might say that they have no space for decorations, but there is always a way. Invest in rolling furniture such as a kitchen cart. This will provide a lovely island for holding all your necessities. You can also decorate it with a plant pot, decorative towels, or some brightly-colored canisters.

Moving out of the kitchen, look around for those storage cubes that come in all colors and sizes. These are a minimal option that can enhance your existing decor while still being portable and convenient.

#4. Get Some Leaning Art

Get a floating shelf or any kind of surface, and lean your favorite artwork or photo frames against it. There’s no need for nails to hang up your art, and the leaning scheme will make it easy to switch up your decor.

#5. Invest in Removable Decor

Even if you’re one of the apartment dwellers who love to consider living in this kind of luxury, you should enhance the look of your apartment by investing in some nice curtains and removable wallpaper. Customized bookcases might also cost a fair amount. But since they’re portable, they’ll make a lovely decoration without much effort.

#6. Try Out Your Green Thumb

You can’t have a garden in most apartments, at least not the permanent kind. But if you’re living in Northridge apts, you’ll agree with the fact that window boxes are an excellent way to utilize your green thumb. Besides, you can have some convenient herbs and pretty flowers. Having plants in your living space is also known to boost productivity, so feel free to decorate your home office with some greenery as well.

#7. Add Some Color

Getting a pop of color in your decor somewhere will make your surroundings much more cheerful. Go with a colorful carpet or rug, which will also protect the floors and cover up their imperfections. Use appealing wallpaper in the kitchen, or spray paint an end table to make a statement piece.

You can also consider investing in some striking upholstery for that one large armchair. As long as you own it, you can put in some money to make it stand out.

The Takeaway

Apartment dwellers can change their location when the lease is up, with no property taxes to pay, and hopefully no responsibility for repairs either.

With all the flexibility, it makes sense to keep your decor flexible as well. You can go for the portable stuff so you can carry your personal touch with you to every new home!