Tips to Grow Your Customer Loyalty Program

Most businesses have a loyalty program to reward and retain their customers. However, most are unable to determine how to get most customers to sign-up for their rewards program. Many make it too complex to earn rewards. Many make things unclear. Follow these 6 tips to grow your customer loyalty program by getting more consumers to sign-up.

1. Offer Sign-up Incentives

Make your consumers’ first step rewarding to draw more of them to your loyalty program. Give them a reason to sign-up for incentives. It is recommended to offer your low-profit margin products for free. It can be a powerful driver to get more people to become part of the program.

2. Create Easy-to-Earn Rewards

No matter how big a reward you are offering, if it is difficult to get, you shouldn’t expect most of your customers to sign-up for it. Most of them will leave through the complex process. So make sure that the process to earn rewards is simple and reasonable.

Remember, that consumers find value in redeeming rewards and not in continuing to earn points. You don’t want to make it difficult and less interesting to join your program. Provide multiple ways for your users to earn rewards as easily and quickly as possible. Show them from the beginning that it is easy and quick to earn rewards.

3. Use Email Campaigns

Your customers can sign-up for your loyalty program only if they know about it. If you have a loyalty app for small business, the first step will still need to be to inform them somehow. Using email is the ideal way to make that first contact. Create an email campaign to inform and explain about the benefits of joining your program. Make sure that they clearly understand how you will reward them when they become part of the program.

4. Get Accurate Information at POS

Whether they are buying online or from a store, make sure to get accurate information from them. You should gather customer data without any errors to avoid getting filtered as spam. More than 7 in 10 consumers will choose a store based on the quality of the loyalty program they offer. Once you have introduced them to your brand, you can develop a specialized loyalty app to grow your loyalty members.

5. Run In-Store & Out-of-Store Promotions

It is important to run out-of-store promotions too in order to draw more people to your loyalty program.

In-Store Promotions: Let your in-store customers know about your program by using signage with clear messages. You can also use digital signage to draw their attention.

Out-of-Store Promotions: Make sure to provide information on your website. For example, you can add a banner highlighting the offers. You can also optimize your program for mobile and empower it with an app. Surveys show that there is almost 60% higher chance of people joining a program that is powered by an app. It is also important to include social media into your promotional campaign.

6. Use Call-to-Action Cleverly

Include call-to-action (CTA) messages wherever possible. For example, you can add an announcement on your website’s homepage to draw attention. It will give your visitors a strong reason to join the program. The CTA should be clear and tell your customers what steps they need to take to join the program.
It is equally important to add the right CTA in your emails. When you send email messages, make it easy and quick for them to join the program. When you include direct links to the sign-up page, it increases the chances that they will join.

So follow these tips to grow your customer loyalty program. Whatever strategy you use, make sure to show the value that you offer.