Crazy Things To Do With Car

There are multiple wacky ways people use their new or old cars. It’s not just drunk and driving anymore. 

There are many episodes you will find car owners in when they want to just mess around. Some crazy things actually can make the car journey better and more beautiful. While other experiences are funny, wicked, and unexpected from a normal person’s standpoint 

5 Crazy Things To Do With Car As Many Other Vehicle Owners Do:

Wardrobe changes in the car:

This has won the list because it’s the most common wicked and unexpected thing people do in their car. In the USA, many people are often homeless. They are living their lives off the car or trailer vans. 

Therefore, it’s expected of them to change clothes in the car. But there are episodes when unexpectedly people have been seen changing clothes in the middle of the traffic. This has happened not just in one country. It’s all over the place – like a trend. 

There have been instances when people have been seen driving their car in their undergarments. 

Letting your pets play around in the car while driving:

Domestic pets, like dogs, love roaming around. But it can be equally dangerous for them to do so when you’re driving your car. So, the car owners should at least follow safety measures if they let their dogs loose inside the car. 

Because dogs without leashes are eager to pop their head out of the half-opened window. This, again, is very dangerous for their safety. 

But many car owners don’t follow that around the country. And if the car owner is distracted to take care of the pet while driving, it could lead to road accidents. 

Yet, it’s been a trend to let your pets loose inside the car whenever possible. Many dogs can end up scaring other kids around the block if they are giant or barking too often. 

Otherwise, it could be distracting for other drivers passing by. So, it’s best to put them on a leash or close the window frames when you’re driving. 

Dressing up the car weird accessories or art:

People across the globe love dressing up their cars. Of course, this is more a trend for car lovers. They can paint their own pictures or their favorite football club’s flag on the car’s bonnet or side. 

Some even use the gt wing to give the car an entire cool and fancy appeal for the onlookers. But, then, there are people who hang wicked items like truck nuts to their vehicles: trucks, cars, bikes, etc. 

Besides that, some people end up painting nasty comments, figures, or artistic things on their cars. At times, this could be offensive for some racial or cultural group if someone is passing by. 

So, car owners need to be careful while painting their car’s exterior. Otherwise, if you paint something too distracting, it could lead to road accidents again. And they should not paint or accessorize their cars with something offending like truck nuts or curse words. 

That could have a bad impact on the kids around the block when they see your vehicle often. 

Reading while driving:

There have been a few incidents when people have been found reading while driving. They are so keen to read they end up attaching or glueing their books to the steering wheel. And whenever the wheel moves, so would the book. 

It just shows different creative levels of keen readers. But again, it’s extremely dangerous because reading requires your attention. And if you’re not paying attention to driving properly, you might hit someone ahead of you. 

It’s strongly a recommendation to read when you’re not the one driving, at least. It’s safe for all then. 

Putting feet up:

Many drivers, especially ladies, have been seen driving by putting their feet up in a sitting position. That happens when they use cruise control mode while driving. But this method is completely shrewd and dangerous. 

They think it won’t take long for them to put the feet down to hit the brake or accelerate the speed when required. But when on the road, driving, it’s a matter of those few microseconds when people end up getting hurt or losing their lives.