How to Attain Collateral Free Loans For Your Business

If you are looking for collateral free loans for your business, you should definitely be more aware about the best avenues for obtaining the same. Most businesses desire a loan without security in the form of pledged assets like property or guarantors who co-sign the loan agreement. However, getting a business loan without collateral requires you to do your homework with regard to finding the right lender. The ability to furnish suitable collateral is something that dogs almost every small or medium organization looking for urgent funds in order to build up working capital and take care of expansion or growth needs. Even though regular financial institutions offer collateral free loans to businesses, they often have stringent guidelines that are often hard to meet.

You should first have a clear idea about the business loan amount that you require and should submit your application online at the lender you choose along with the copies of documents. These usually include your bank statements and income tax returns among other financial documents in tandem with KYC documents and business vintage for a requisite period of time. If you are looking for the best collateral free loans, you can try Working Capital Loans offered by Bajaj Finserv. These loans will suit you if you are looking to upgrade to new equipment or wish to replace ageing and damaged machinery. These loans are offered up to a maximum of Rs. 30 lakh and will help you increase productivity of your business by taking care of operational expenditure and other day-to-day costs.

These working capital loans are fully unsecured, meaning that you do not require any collateral or a guarantor to avail of the same. There are Flexi-Loan options available for businesses up to the same amount along with special pre-approved offers that ensure discounts in terms of the interest rate and other special schemes. There is total online access to all loan details and repayment information as well.

If you are looking for a general business loan without any collateral, try the Business Loan from Bajaj Finserv. These business loans will help you scale up and expand without having to dig deep into your own hard earned assets. These loans are offered up to Rs. 30 lakhs and the Flexi-Loan facility is also available for customers. This unique option has a particular loan limit allocated to you for a fixed tenor. You can pay only the interest as EMI while the principal can be repaid when the tenor ends. You can use this loan for building inventory, growing operations, purchasing equipment or even for increasing your working capital. There is no collateral requirement in case of these loans and you will not have to bring a guarantor as well. There are several exclusive pre-approved offers that you can avail of which offer special interest rate discounts and other benefits periodically. You also get complete online access to all your repayment and business loan details.