Common Electrical Hazards at Home to Lookout for

Our reliance on electrical devices is on the rise hence this also increases the risks of electrical shocks. We invest more in devices that are connected to the Internet which increases the electoral hazards in the house. 

In fact, even our vehicles are now electric. The ideal method to ensure electrical safety is having the professional electrical fix your appliances and does your wiring. They have an eye to spot the hazards. 

Organizing routine inspections by the experts is also a good preventive measure. This article explains the common electrical hazards at home. It is a must-read for those wondering “What is the most dangerous electrical hazard?”

What are the most common electrical hazards?

  • Bad wiring: 

Poor wiring is one of the causes of electric shock; it can also lead to electrical fires and power surges. This can occur if you depend on inexperienced electricians, have attempted to do it yourself or used bad material.

  • Defects in the electrical material: 

Frayed extension cords or using defective electrical wiring or appliances can lead to unexpected issues as well.

  • Electricity and water: 

Installing electrical outlets close to water connections or using appliances near wet areas like a hairdryer or phone can also lead to an electric shock. Wet hands are also a big concern when using electric devices. Spilling water in close proximity to exposed wires can also lead to a fire hazard.

  • Children hazard: 

Children are naturally curious about their surroundings hence tend to explore their space. Your children should ideally be supervised at all times especially when playing near electrical equipment. In fact, it is best to take necessary precautions with the electrical equipment with children in the house.

  • Extension boards: 

The use of extension cords has increased due to an increase in the number of mobile devices we use like tablets, mobiles and laptops. They also form big electrical problems since there is the risk of tripping over them or shock if the cable is not secure.

  • Placement of bulbs & switches: 

It is important to install the light bulbs and switchboards in a safe location. Avoid installing in places near a water source. Also, ensure it is far from splashes and moisture.

  • Overheated wires: 

Cable overheating is one of the leading causes of electrical fires. This can occur either if the cable is exposed to high temperature or if the cables have heavy covering.

  • Aged wiring or switchboards: 

Electrical wiring tends to get worn out over a period of time. This type of wiring is most vulnerable during a power surge. This can become the cause of many types of electrical accidents like shock or fire.

  • Old appliances: 

It is best to avoid using damaged appliances. The risk of electrical accidents increases tenfold when using either old or damaged electrical appliances.

  • Damaged wiring due to pests: 

Rodent problem also affects wires since they tend to chew on them. In fact, pets also may destroy your wires in some cases. Wires like this pose a big threat as well.

  • Being carefree or lazy: 

It is human nature to be lazy however, it is important to ensure it does not affect your electrical installations. One of the other human natures that often causes issues is carelessness. It is necessary the installation of electrical equipment is done in the right manner and by the professionals to avoid any issues.

 Important facts and statistics on electrical hazards

  • Always unplug your electrical device for repairs
  • Electrical accidents at home kill 15 people every year.
  •  It is necessary to be aware of what services you are paying for.
  • Avoid using unprotected electrical outlets
  • It is important to check the wattage of the device prior to usage
  • Routine inspection is key to detecting issues.
  • 73% of deaths due to electrocution occur at home.
  •  61% of the injuries to electricians due to electrical faults occur at a workplace.
  • There is a 5% mortality rate in case of electrical accidents.

Benefits of hiring a professional electrician

  • The professional electricians are highly trained and have the skills for the task at hand.
  • They are fully licensed and have the necessary permits to carry out the electrical work.
  • Electrical tasks like wiring, fixing the circuit breaker, or setting up the lights all require precision and expert skills. This isn’t something that should be attempted as a DIY project.
  • Allowing the experts to do it can work out to be cost-effective since this way you can be sure there are no other issues.
  • The professional electricians will usually be certified ones with plenty of experience.
  • Some electricians offer a lifetime guarantee for their services.
  • Some of the common electrician services offered by the experts include electrical repairs, lights and power, re-wiring, safety switch installation, switchboard, energy management, consulting, data cabling and testing & tagging.
  • This is the safer option for all involved.
  • Instead of spending hours on end trying to get to the bottom of the problem; you can hire the experts for a quick solution.
  • When it comes to electrical work, there are several rules & regulations to follow as per the high Australian standards. A layman might not be aware of these legal requirements.
  • This is also a good way to increase the value of the property.
  • This is a good way to reduce the electrical danger due to appliances and ensure peace of mind.
  • They are fully insured in the case where anything goes wrong and also offer a guarantee of their work.

One of the most common questions for homeowners is “Why are electrical fires especially hazardous?”. The answer to this is quite simple. They tend to occur due to faulty equipment or wiring. It can occur at any time like when you are not present, at night and when you least expect making it very dangerous. 

It is best to contact the residential electricians for the electrical requirements at a home. This is the best way to ensure it is done right and that there are no issues.  A routine inspection by professionals is also a good way to stay safe.