Exploring The Most Common Causes Of Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries are linked to a forceful blow or penetrating wounds to head, along with other injuries to the body and head. There are several factors that will determine the degree of damage, including the force of the impact and the nature of the event. This type of injury can occur during a wide range of events, which are discussed more in-depth a little further into the article.


One of the most common injuries reported in children and senior citizens are falling. A traumatic injury can occur from slipping on a wet or slippery floor, tripping over objects and falling down steps or ladders.

All of these injuries can occur without a moment’s notice, leaving the victim with a traumatic brain injury and/or body injuries. The most type of fall-related injury in seniors is a hip fracture. These injuries require surgical intervention to repair the hip.

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Domestic violence is more prevalent than one would even imagine, leaving victims with a wide range of injuries with short and long term effects. Most abusers will not only physically abuse their victim, but also verbally and mentally abuse them.

Child abuse and other types of violence, including shaken baby syndrome, gunshot wounds and physical abuse can also cause traumatic brain injury. Children are generally the most common victims, but adults can be victims, as well. If you find yourself in this type of situation, you should definitely consider seeking the advice of an injury attorney.

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While playing sports can undoubtedly be incredibly fun, it can also be very risky. In fact, it is safe to say that sports can be a double-edged sword. Sports will help you increase your activity levels and this can help reduce your risks of obesity.

However, sports can lead directly to head injuries. In 2008, football, basketball, cycling, and baseball were among the most common causes of head injuries. With this in mind, it is absolutely pertinent to protect yourself when engaging in these activities. Wear the appropriate protective gear to reduce the risks involved.

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Vehicle Accident

Another major cause of head injuries is vehicle accidents. Most people now drive their vehicles each and every day. Each time you get behind the wheel, you truly make a major risk. A vehicular accident regardless of the severity could result in some type of head injury.

If your vehicle is hit from behind, you may wind up suffering from whiplash and this too can lead directly to a concussion. This is why it is essential to wear your seat belt each time you get inside of a vehicle! Also, follow the rules of the road to decrease the chances of experience a motor vehicle accident.

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Combat Injuries

Become a member of the military is undoubtedly an honorable choice. Nevertheless, it is absolutely essential to realize that combat can be incredibly dangerous. At the very least, you could wind up suffering from a major concussion, while involved in the military.

This is one of the main reasons a lot of soldiers wind up suffering from PTSD and other problems after returning home from the world. If you’re interested in joining the army, make sure you’re well aware of the risks involved in advance!