Eczema Treatment

Anyone who has ever suffered from eczema understands the frustration, embarrassment and pain that comes with this skin condition. This is one of the most common skin conditions affecting about 10% of Americans. According to statistics, the condition affects 10% to 20% of infants in the U.S and 3% of adults. So prevalent is this condition that about 15% of all dermatological patients suffer from it.

Eczema in Brief 

Atopic dermatitis is the most common type of this irritating skin condition and the fact that there have been no concrete findings on the causes makes treatment a herculean task. Among the commonly affected areas are the wrists, neck, eyelids, and legs. 

The dry and scaly skin is unsightly and it is no wonder many treatments have been proposed. Among the main symptoms are itching, rashes, scaling, and skin pigment change. If not treated, most people end up suffering from infection, which can lead to scarring. 

Collagen Eczema Treatment

While many treatments have been proposed for eczema, patients still continue looking for the best. Some over-the-counter products are harmful as they contain chemicals which can ruin your skin. When seeking treatment for your skin condition, you have to appreciate that the skin is one of the most sensitive body parts. Any products you use should help curb the problem and not exacerbate it.

Among the most effective modern ways to deal with this condition is through collagen eczema treatment. Collagen is a protein in your body that supports muscular and skin structures. This means that through collagen, your body firms up and your skin is held tightly together. It is no wonder that this ingredient is now being used in facial and anti-ageing products. 

Collagen is a hard, insoluble and fibrous protein and it makes up a third of your body. In fact, it is the most common protein in the human body. In short, a good supply of collagen in your body leads to healthy skins and muscles. This protein not only protects against sagging skin but also helps healing of skin wounds. 

It helps start immediate healing of scars, such as the ones caused by eczema. It helps initiate production of new capillaries and new skin over the eczema wound. The skin around the wound is totally remodeled, giving you youthful looking skin. There are some factors that inhibit collagen production in the body including age, smoking, low protein intake and high inflammation. In such cases, it is important to boost your body supply of collagen through supplements, increasing Vitamin C intake and taking bone broth. 

Other Ways to Treat Eczema

Like with all other treatments, it is best when you combine different approaches to eczema. This shortens the treatment period. Among these treatments include getting more sun for Vitamin D, using Bio-Oil, and using homemade oil such as Vitamin E oil among others. 

If you are still hiding your eczema scars, it is time to embrace collagen as the best treatment. This gives you a much needed boost in self-esteem because you will always feel comfortable in your own skin. 

Author Bio

Mandy Bular is a dermatologist with over 27 years’ experience in the industry. She is a major proponent of collagen treatment for eczema and shares treatment tips at She lives in Jackson, WY with her family.