Living in social isolation is particularly hard on grandparents. Many live for seeing their family and right now it is impossible to visit them. Although the situation won’t last forever, it is a lovely gesture to get your grandparents a gift. It shows that you are thinking of them and it will help to relieve the anxieties they are feeling. You can learn more about how to help your grandparents during these turbulent times by visiting Westgate Healthcare , who specialize in elderly care.

With this in mind, let’s look at present ideas.

Great Gifts for Grandparents

These present ideas will not only make your grandparents feel special and loved, but they will also occupy them while we’re all stuck inside.

Ancestry DNA Kit

Ancestry is a website that helps you  trace your family tree . It has developed a DNA testing kit that provides you with a breakdown of your heritage. This is an excellent present for older folks as they will be able to learn what part of the world their family originates from, and they can pass this information on to you.

Garden Green Houses

Getting out into the garden is something that many of us like to do. This is particularly true of the older generation, who often get a lot of pleasure from tending to their flower beds, lawns and vegetable patches. A greenhouse makes for the perfect present as it enables your grandparents to tend to the garden all year round. Consider something like the Grow Smart Garden to show you care.

Kitchen garden

If your grandparents are foodies as well as garden lovers, a kitchen garden will allow them to grow fresh herbs and veggies all year round. This clever device keeps soil just right for growing herbs and mini tomatoes. They are very low maintenance, and they often brighten up a kitchen.


Grandparents love photos, especially of their grandchildren, and pictures of you will make their day. You can put them in photo albums to preserve them. Some websites let you upload your photos, and they will then send the album to your grandparents in the post. Make sure you personalize the inscription.

Staying in the same vein, you may want to consider personalized calendars too.


As well as a kitchen garden, consider getting your grandparents a good cookbook. There are some great ones available, and you can purchase one that includes the family’s favorite recipes. Once the virus threat is over, you know you’re going to be treated to a good meal.

A Journal

This may sound a little strange at first, but buying your grandparents a dedicated journal will motivate them to write down their life story. The better ones provide prompts to get creative juices flowing – and then it is over to your grandparents to write. This can be quite a lovely keepsake.


Great for bookworms, an e-reader will put thousands of books in the palm of their hands. This is perfect for keeping them entertained for days on end.

If you have lonely grandparents, send them a gift. They will love it, and it will brighten their day.