Undeniably, a house is only as strong as its roof is. Your home’s strength is, however, at risk when the roof is leaking or the shingles are chipping or curling. It’s also a cause for concern when light rays seep in through the attic. Moreover, your roof is also at risk if you note signs of peeling paint among other things.

All these factors are telltale signs that indicate that a roof repair is due. Since we already know the significance of a roof, it is crucial that we hire a roofing company that is responsible and repairs your roof adequately.

Lots of companies don’t deliver on their promise of quality services. So, how do you separate the good Edmonton roofing companies from the best ones? The answer is by conducting extensive research on a business before sealing the deal with it.

To this end, here’s a comprehensive checklist that will help you determine if a roofing business is as great as it claims to be or is just another company attracting work on false promises:

#1. Offline research work

When you begin looking for a company, your first step should be to ask around about the best service providers in Edmonton from your friends and family members. It is highly likely that someone in your circle or colleagues has needed a roof repair and worked with a roofing company subsequently.

If no one has had a positive experience with a roofing service provider, the least that they can do is warn you about a company that offers poor services or uses poor construction material.

#2. Online research

The next step is to conduct online research. The search engine’s understanding of your location means that you can type in queries such as ‘roofing companies near me,’ ‘Edmonton roofing,’ ‘best roofing company in Edmonton,’ or something like that and get plenty of options.

If you already have some names from your offline search, you can Google those up and see if they show up. At the end of these two steps, you should have some names on your notepad.

#3. An active website

The names that show in the search results should lead to a roofing company candidate’s website. If you are typing in the names that you got from your circle, then your browser should show their names in the results.

What is important here is that an active website is a must for any business. It shows that a roofing company is authentic and has both an offline as well as online presence. Strike off any company from your list that does not have a professional-looking, active website.

Some signs of an active website include:

  • Availability of adequate information
  • Contact details including phone number and physical address given

The blog or a portfolio section can also give you an idea of how authentic a business is. A case in point is the website of Silverline Roofing. Their website shows a portfolio, which helps a person learn more about the company’s work. It also provides adequate contact details.

#4. Online reviews

Another important pointer on this checklist is looking for a business’s reviews. Over 90% of the people read reviews before making the decision of working with a company or purchasing some items.

Reviews on other platforms such as Google are written by other customers. A good business should have happy customers who give them positive reviews or ratings. What’s more, a negative review can warn you from availing the services of a company that you thought was good otherwise. Therefore, going through reviews is essential for finding the best roofer.

#5. Customer services

Surveying a business’s customer services is another significant pointer. You don’t want to end up working with someone who pays little attention to what you want. You can try to learn about a company’s customer services in two ways.

Firstly, a review or two that you read may talk about how the roofers from the company behaved with them. For example, they may say that the team was friendly. Secondly, you can learn a lot about the attention that a service provider pays to customer services by calling them. If a company focuses on solving your queries, you can understand that it’s customer services are good.

#6. Phone call

Another important matter on this checklist entails phoning the company or companies that you have shortlisted. As mentioned above, calling a business is critical for unearthing details about its customer service.

Additionally, you will want to call the business to learn more about it. Ask about the details that you think are necessary. And, while you are at it, tally all the details that were given on the website with what the customer service representative says. You can only know for sure that the company keeps its word if what they say on phone matches with what is written on their site.

Bottom line

Summing up, all these pointers on the checklist will help you determine which roofing company in Edmonton provides excellent and responsible services for repairing your roof.