Cardio Exercise Equipments

For a healthy body, you need a healthy heart first, which you can easily get by exercising with appropriate cardio exercise equipment. With a cardio exercise, you are actually making your large muscles work and get fatigued.

Working of your large muscles require huge amount of blood circulation in the body. While your heart is pumping out blood to the working muscles, it raises its heart beat. These cardio exercises help you to get into shape, if you have lost it, without the heart getting fatigued easily.

Here is a list of different Cardio exercise equipments, which you may choose from, as per your requirement.

Best Cardio Exercise Equipments

Treadmills are designed for higher basic impact exercises like walking, jogging etc. This machine is safe and has speed buttons along with an auto-stop button as well. Exercising on this machine is very effective for burning calories.


This machine allows you to sit and ride it like a cycle. Many use it in a lazy way, but proper riding on it may give you an elevated heart rate as other equipments do. It also has different interval programs to give resistance, thus enhancing the heart beat.

Recumbent Stationary Bikes

The motion of the stair stepper machine imitates the stair case and the falling of the stairs increases with the speed, thus giving you a higher heart pump.
Stair Master Stepper Machines

These machines are like escalators, which involve climbing that never ends. This machine is not for the beginners, since it gets the heart rate rise very fast.

Step Mills


These are the comparatively new forms of cardio exercise machines, giving you a combined effort to both arm and leg muscles, thus conveying a huge amount of exercise to the heart.

Adaptive Motion Trainers


A unique combination of both, treadmills and stair mills, this machine gives a scope of both, climbing and walking, at the same time.

Tread Climbers


One of the best cardio exercise equipments, though very less known and less used, this machine can give you a higher heart rate with proper use.

Rowing Machines


Use the machine for 5 to 10 minutes, and then, measure your heart beat. If it rises above 85% of your maximum, then it is suitable for you.

Heart beat rises when the big muscles like legs and arms are made to work. So, look for some equipment, which fatigues your big muscles.

The equipment, which is heavy and hard to work with, is the one to raise your heart beat. Good cardio equipments must be heavy.

Good cardio equipment makes the body work hard. When you work hard, the energy produced needs to be released in some way. If there is heat production in the machine, then it is a good selection for you.