Regardless, if you own a small or large business, you should always have an attorney on your side. Businesses are always going to be at risk of a lawsuit, involving a customer, client, patient or employee. While you cannot possibly prevent all potential accidents or mishaps, you can be prepared for them, by hiring an attorney before they happen. Below, you will discover more about why business owners need to hire an attorney.

Trademark Advice

If you have an open door policy established for your business, you probably see a lot of people coming and going from your establishment on a daily basis. Every time someone enters your property, you are going to be responsible for that individual’s welfare and safety. With this said, an accident can occur at the drop of a hat, giving you no time to prepare. Accidents can be a very costly copy occurrence for business owners, regardless if it involves a client, patient or employee.

You will be responsible for the accident victim’s hospital bills, pain, and suffering and lost wages. These expenses can tally up to a substantial amount of money in a very short period of time. If the accident occurs while one of your employees is driving down the interstate, you better hope you have an Orange County car accident lawyer on your side.

Different Types of Attorneys

Many people are under the impression that an attorney specializes in all laws. This is a huge misconception because attorneys have unique skills that allow them to specialize in a specific field. For instance, a business attorney will be skilled in preparing contractual agreement, partnerships and business laws. This is the type of attorney that you will want to hire for your company.

If you own a real estate firm, you will need to hire an attorney that specializes in real estate laws. This attorney will be able to help you prepare leases for commercial spaces, such as retail stores, gyms, and offices. It is important to note, while leases do not seem that big of a deal, omitting a vital aspect from the document could cause you a world of hurt later on down the road. The attorney will be able to prepare the leases for you to ensure they are done accurately to prevent potential, future problems.

Tax Attorney

Tax season can be a stressful time of the year for anyone, especially business owners. To avoid being audited, you will need to hire a professional tax attorney. While your accountant will prepare and file your tax returns for you, the tax attorney can give you advice on how to legally reduce the amount you owe the IRS.