Ways to Dress to Impress

Have you ever showed up to a meeting where everyone was dressed casually, and you were rocking a three-piece suit? Establishing what to wear to an event is one of those hit or miss situations. However, with proper research and maybe just asking, you can manage to dress appropriately for the occasion.

But if you only have seven seconds to make a good impression, how can you ensure your dressing is on point?

#1. Be memorable

When going for a networking event or even an interview, the last thing you want is to blend in with everyone else. You must wear something extraordinary that will leave a lasting impression on the people you meet. That doesn’t mean you wear an orange suit to stand out, though.

It’s about using one or two signature pieces to bring out your personality and style. You can rock the James Bond look with a lapel pin for your suit, or a classy pocket square like Steve Harvey.  Something as simple as a classic watch will also get a conversation started with the people who see it.

You can also use color to trigger memories. For example, red is a mighty color that people will seldom forget. You can wear the appropriate attire with a touch of red either on your scarf, pocket square, tie and even socks.

#2. Always dress up

It is much better to find yourself in a suit than to wear a t-shirt and jeans in an official meeting. When you are in doubt of what you should wear, always dress up and not down. You can get rid of the jacket if you find that it’s a casual meeting.

For semi-official or business casual occasions, you can rock some crisp dark trousers, a starched shirt and a beautiful cashmere sweater. Finish that look with polished shoes, a clean shave and subtle accessories, and you are good to go.

When you do your research and realize that people will be dressed a certain way, make an effort to look better than everybody without going overboard. The idea is to make a statement the moment you walk into those doors.

#3. Pay attention to details

It is the small details that ruin or make an entire outfit. You have to ensure your clothes are clean and well pressed. Wrinkles, stains and missing buttons are simply unacceptable. Ensure your nails, hair and shoes are in perfect mode. Take extra care of your skin to look young and healthy, get a new hairdo and manicure often and always smell good.

When it comes to networking, having a conversation starter is essential. Pay attention to the accessories you wear like a classic pen, briefcase, wristwatch, leather-covered notepad. All these details will make people stop for a second and take note. Maybe even ask you a question about your unique look.

The secret of dressing to impress is based on what the other person will find impressive. As much as it’s vital to love how you look, make sure you consider the client, colleague, boss and everyone you will meet. However, your attitude, your smile, personality, and confidence will finish up the look if you know how to use them well.

#4. Pay attention to grooming

Grooming plays a crucial role in presenting a professional image. It goes beyond just dressing well and encompasses personal hygiene, hair care, skincare, and more. Maintaining good grooming habits is essential for creating a positive and confident impression in the workplace.

When it comes to personal hygiene, regular showers or baths are important to keep your body clean and fresh. Remember to brush your teeth daily and use deodorant to manage body odor. These basic hygiene practices form the foundation of good grooming and contribute to your overall cleanliness.

Proper hair care is another aspect of grooming. Keep your hair clean, well-groomed, and styled appropriately for the workplace. Regularly washing and conditioning your hair helps maintain its health and shine. Consider getting a professional haircut or styling your hair in a way that complements your face shape and aligns with the professional environment.

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#5. Coordinate colors and patterns

Coordinating colors and patterns is an important aspect of dressing well and creating a cohesive and professional look. By paying attention to the colors and patterns you choose, you can enhance your overall appearance and make a positive impression. Here’s an easy-to-read breakdown of coordinating colors and patterns:

When it comes to colors, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of color theory. Stick to a color palette that complements your skin tone, hair color, and personal style. Neutral colors such as black, white, gray, navy, and beige are versatile and can form the foundation of your wardrobe. They are timeless and can be easily paired with other colors or patterns.

While neutrals are a safe bet, don’t be afraid to incorporate pops of color into your outfits. Choose colors that suit your complexion and convey the desired mood or impression. For example, wearing a vibrant red blouse can exude confidence and energy, while a soft pastel can create a more feminine and approachable look. Be mindful of the occasion and the industry you work in, as some professions may require more conservative color choices.


Dressing professionally as a working woman is essential for projecting a polished and confident image in the business world. By following the guidelines and tips provided, you can ensure that your attire aligns with the expectations of your workplace and industry.

Remember to invest in well-fitted suits, blazers, blouses, and dresses that flatter your body type. Pay attention to grooming, coordinating colors and patterns, and choosing appropriate accessories. It’s important to adapt these suggestions to your personal style while adhering to the dress code and cultural norms of your workplace.

By dressing for success, you can exude professionalism, enhance your self-confidence, and make a positive impact in your career.