A bra is an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe, thus, making it an essential fashion item in her everyday life. We often tend to imagine ourselves in a sexy bra that accentuates our natural figure. Bras come in all shapes, sizes and colours, helping us make a choice from the many. But the real trouble comes in finding the right size. It is reported that many women usually end up buying the wrong size. So here’s your guide to buying a sexy bra of the right size.

  1. Take prior measurements: Before you step out to buy your sexy bra, assure that you have taken your correct measurements. An ill-fitted bra can cause back pain and irritate your skin.
  2. Wear a t-shirt: Wear a t-shirt before going bra shopping so that you will be able to see what the bra looks like under the thinnest material of your garment. It will also help you choose the right colours.
  3. Try it: When buying a sexy bra, try it right away in the shop showroom. You can lean about halfway forward and scoop your breast tissue into the cups. Fasten the back and stand up and adjust the straps to ensure that all of your breast tissue is where it should be.
  4. Watch for the fitting: After you have tried the bra, watch for the fitting. Your breasts should not spill out and there should be no gap between the cups. The straps should not dig too much into your shoulders that will chafe against your skin. The straps should ideally remain in their place and shouldn’t fall down. There should be no kind of pinching in the back and the material should be comfortable for the skin. Your skin should be able to breathe despite wearing that bra. If you opt for an underwired sexy bra, make sure the underwire isn’t hurting your under breasts.
  5. Buy enough to last: Since you are already planning to invest in a sexy bra, make sure you buy enough of them. A bra usually expires in a period of six months and hence it is advisable to stock up sufficient quantity of the same.

Sexy bras that you must own

  • Balconette bra: These bras are ideal for medium-sized breasts and reveal the top half of the breasts while pushing it up.
  • Deep plunge bra: If you want to flaunt the right amount of your sexy curves, this is the best choice.
  • Bandeau bra: This bra wraps around your breasts entirely. It is suitable for all kinds of outfits such as tank tops and summer dresses. However, this bra is ideal for those with smaller breasts.
  • Shelf bra: This sexy bra is the perfect choice if you want to spice things up in the bedroom. Available in many colours, it gives you a chance to experiment with your style.

So go get yourself that perfect sexy bra which boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel beautiful!