Bivy Tents

When you start planning your next outdoor experience, whether it’s your first, or whether you are a seasoned camper, having your sleeping organized is probably one of the most important factors to keep in mind.

Will you use a tent? If yes, what type of tent? What size of tent will best suit your needs? What type of weather conditions do you expect to have to endure? Of course, being on your own, it makes things a little easier when planning your camping gear, and of course, saves you a substantial amount of money when purchasing your gear.

Bivy tents are becoming popular especially for those who plan to explore the outdoors. Bivy tents are used in order to protect you from the elements including the weather and even insects. It keeps your sleeping bag and other camping gear from getting wet.

In the early days, bivy sacks or bivy tents are simple sleeping bags. But things have changed. There is so much more than just a sleeping bag that you can carry to the outdoors. These days, a bivy tent is just as sophisticated as any tent.

But of course, not everyone is an expert outdoor specialist who could pick the right one immediately. What are the things that you need to look for in a bivy tent? Here are some of those things that you might want to check.


Before anything else, you want to check the price of the bivy tent. It is highly suggested that you set your budget. There are pricey options, and there are cheap options. Of course, there are different factors that you want to consider. You need to look into your budget, but also consider which option brings the best bang for your buck.

Is it easy to pack?

The whole concept of a bivy sack or a bivy tent is for you to be able to pack your things light.  Now, you want a bivy sack that is lightweight and easy to pack. There are different designs these days available in the market. It is important to evaluate just how much space does it really occupy when you have to keep it in your bag.

Is it for the right weather?

There are many types of bivy tents available in the market. But of course, not all of them could handle freezing temperatures or the windy conditions. What you want to do is to always make sure to check the materials if it fits what you need.

There are four seasons models that you can choose from if you opt to camp during the winter season. Though these models are heavier than the usual minimalist options, four seasons bivy tents can be used in different scenarios especially when dealing with unforgiving elements.


Last thing that you want to consider are the thoughts of other people. This can give you an insight on what the product really is about. It is important that you evaluate both the pros and the cons of each item to distinguish the best deals out there.


If you plan on hiking for a couple of days, then, this becomes a perfect choice for you. However, if you are going with friends and family, might as well invest on a bigger tent. Bivy tents do have their pros and their cons. You need to look closely into these things before you decide if you really want one.

If not, you can always settle to the more traditional type of tents in the market. These tents should work fine especially now, that you have a number of choices as well.