Going on a family vacation is going to be a fun time. At least that’s the idea, isn’t it? As I’m sure we all have experienced, if we don’t plan it well these trips can easily turn into a stressful time, especially when your family is young. But if we have a decent think about what we want from the trip and organize accordingly then we can make it a real success.

Consider Family-Friendly Destinations

This one seems obvious but you need to consider destinations that have plenty for young ones to do. Think of places such as beach resorts, theme parks, and other such places. Even if you are just going to a normal town try and pick a hotel that has entertainment for children, and plenty have soft play areas, games rooms, and even kids clubs. Research the destination beforehand to get a good idea.

Make Sure There are Plenty of Distractions While Travelling

There really is nothing worse than hearing the dreaded battle-cry of the small child on a long road trip, which is, “are we there yet?”. This is particularly jarring when you’ve barely left the house. You are not going to train this boredom out of them, it just happens naturally as they get older. So the only real solution is to find ways of keeping them occupied or distracted while traveling. Ensure they have their favorite toys and teddies as this always gives them a sense of home and familiarity. It’s also the one time I feel screen time is perfectly OK.

What About a Camper?

If you want to have the flexibility to do what you want and flexibly react to the whims and tantrums of the young children then why not consider a camper? There are a huge amount of choices when thinking of a camper, you can hire a huge RV that’s as big as some apartments. Then there are smaller options such as converting a van truck or even these campers which are small, and very cool A-Frame campers.

Tour With Another Family

If there’s one question that you’ll definitely be asked while parenting, other than, “are we there yet”, it’s if they can bring a friend? Now, this is a good idea although it’s usually on day trips that it’s practical. But if you are good friends with another family then why not vacation together? This gives the kids some friends to play with and also some adult company for you as well.

Mix Things for You & Things for the Kids

A family vacation should give the kids some great fun memories, but you need to be sure that there are things to be done that satisfy both the kids and adults in the group. We all remember being bored and dragged round something we hated as a kid, but also if you think about those experiences it did teach us that the world did not revolve around us and to be aware of others’ feelings. So if you want to visit the local Cathedral then don’t miss out but make that half the day and the other half visit a water park or something fun for kids.