Poolside Chic

Dressing for the summer can be challenge, especially if you’re happier in the cooler temperatures of autumn. If you’re most at home in coats and scarves, boots and woolly hats, then getting comfortable in the summer is tricky, and feeling like you’re looking your best is even harder!

Today we’re taking a look at how you can look at your best in the summertime, from surviving the commute to lazing round a pool or getting ready for a summer evening party. With our advice, you can find a way to look and your feel your best right through the summer.

Casual Days

If you suffer in the heat, then you have no excuse for not making your casual days as comfortable as possible: if you’re not trying to meet a dress a code for work, or dress to impress at a party, then you should simply try to stay cool.

A t-shirt, or light shirt of cotton or linen and shorts or a skirt (depending on both gender and preference) and some Slydes to keep your feet safe whether you’re taking a trip to the shops or heading for a pool, is all you might need on a casual day, and you should resist the urge to over dress. Just make sure you’re using sunscreen on your exposed skin to avoid burning, and the risk skin cancer, and you’ll be all set for a casual day in the sun.

Work and Commuting

Work is one of the most difficult things to accommodate in the heat, as you have to dress for the conditions on your commute, in the office, and also back outside on your way home. If you drive to work in a car with air conditioning, and work in an air conditioned office, then you have an easy job.

If you have to take crowded, overheated public transport to an office that’s air conditioned to a frosty standard temperature, you have a challenge on your hands. Dress for the office and you’ll be uncomfortable and overheated while you commute. Strip down to short sleeves for your commute and you’ll freeze through your working day.

The key is to dress in layers: a light shirt with the sleeves rolled up will keep you cool on the train or bus, but you can add a sweater, cardigan or jacket when you get to the officer that keep you warm and also looking professional.

You can apply the same technique in reverse to ensure you’re dressed well for evening events which start off warm but can get chillier as the sun goes down! Ensure your outfit incorporates layers you can add to make sure you remain comfortable as the day gets a little cooler.