Best Types of Power Banks

Power banks are growing in popularity and it’s really no surprise as they’re portable chargers that can be taken anywhere. Most of the time we’re just stuck with USB wall chargers and the problem with that is you’re stationary until the device that you’re charging is charged up to a good point and then you can be free. That can be a big issue if you have things to do and places to go. Power banks are among the most helpful charging electronics because they’re able to give you freedom while charging is taking place.

With that said, the growing popularity of power banks is beginning to usher in a lot of charging companies into this charging space. This is a great thing as there are lots of different power banks types that are being created and each of them has their place; since each of them offers an attribute that is helpful for charging and for usage. Let’s a look at some of the best types of power banks on the market.

Mini Power Banks

Perfect Portability

Power banks that are very small are the ones that are the most popular because most people want a power bank that they can take anywhere at any time. It makes sense too since Mini power banks are so small that they’re able to fit into a pocket and they can also be held in a single hand to charge devices while you’re using them. The main reason that power banks are the size that they are that of their power capacity. Lower the power capacity, then smaller the size; higher the capacity, then larger the size.

Lacking in Power

With that said, small power banks really only have enough power capacity to charge devices one or two times until they’re fully depleted. They also have only a single charging port in most cases. Even though they’re popular doesn’t mean that Mini power banks are the most powerful, but they do capture the essence of what makes up a power bank.

High Capacity

Able to Charge Devices Multiple Times

These larger capacity power banks aren’t used as much as Mini power banks because of their increased size and heavier weights. For what they lack in portability, these kinds of power banks pack a lot of power. Two different types of power too. Firstly, the amount of power capacity is high enough that you’re able to charge most smartphones 6 times or more and larger devices that have large batteries are also able to charge to their full power numerous times.

Charge lots of devices at the same time

The second part that makes these power banks great is that they usually have multiple charging ports, which means that you can charge lots of devices at once with them. Charging speeds for each of the ports is something that matters a lot as you want all of the ports to be outputting enough power to charge the devices that are charging at the same time fast enough. In addition to just normal charging, high capacity portable chargers also use special charging tech like Quick Charge and DC Outputs to charge laptops.

Built-In Cables

Power banks are one of the most important charging electronics to have a charging cable with at all times. This is because, for the most part, we have dedicated charging cables charging cables for the devices that are stationary; however, when it comes to power banks, then you’re going to need a charging cable with you at all times. There are times when you can leave your house with your power bank and forget your charging cable at home; as a result, you’re left with a useless piece of portable power.