Best Places to Travel for Students

Every student has an ability to travel the world even if he guesses he can’t. Our world is full of marvelous places to visit despite numerous popular excuses, such as “I am too busy for traveling”, “I don’t know where to travel”, “I can’t find a company to travel with” and many others. You can continue to tell all this while your life is passing or start to plan the best holidays of your life. In this article prepared in collaboration with essays kingdom, we will prompt you amazing places to travel that will not let you stay indifferent.

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

The capital of the Netherlands Amsterdam is by rights ranked among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Amsterdam is rife with the spirit of freedom. The things which in any other place can hardly be seen here is an ordinary phenomenon. Red-light district, unusual museums, colorful streets with canals, legal smoking of marijuana, sandwiches with delicious Dutch herring, thousands of tulips varieties, interesting offers for shopping – all this specificity never allow this city to be empty.

Munich (Germany)

The official motto of the capital of Bavaria — “Munich loves you”. Once getting there it is easy to experience the cheerful atmosphere of this southern German city. The capital of the federal Land of Bavaria means not only Oktoberfest, the great soccer team and Mecca for fans of powerful cars. Munich that stretched on the Izar river bank in the south of Germany, in the foothills of the Alps, attracts the travelers with the majestic cathedrals with high bell towers, the wide ceremonial areas, ancient houses with richly decorated facades and flower baskets at windows.

Barcelona (Spain)

It is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Here on the same streets adjoin ancient buildings, palaces, churches and modern constructions. Wide streets and the cozy areas create the improbable atmosphere for city walks. You will remember the vacation in Barcelona also thanks to gastronomic experience. Small local restaurants offer seafood and different types of meat with fascinating sauces. Do not be afraid of queues to the small restaurants – the crowds of people are assembled only by the best places.

Vienna (Austria)

Vienna is the biggest and brisk city of Austria which is famous around the world with its music. Thousands of fans of classical and modern music from many countries come to music festivals in Vienna and Salzburg. It is also the city of the squares and cozy small streets where are placed lovely cafes and restaurants with the special atmosphere and aura which won’t leave you indifferent but will attack you to look in here one more time! Vienna will win your heart with everything it has, from gastronomy to hotels where old and new style has been closely intertwined. The mix of traditions and the present have formed the new culture of the Austrian hospitality.

Bangkok (Thailand)

All the good things that you have heard about Thailand are true. Paradise islands and beaches, magnificent palaces, unusual and tasty food, friendly locals. Trains, buses, and internal flights are inexpensive and comfortable. It will be no trouble to understand when the next flight to Bangkok is. The perfect country for the exotic tour without travel agency. The simplest way is to choose the Thai resort, to lie on the beach and to make several sorties to the neighborhoods. It would be more interesting to visit several cultural sights and then to have a rest at the beach.

Mexico City (Mexico)

Mexico is a perfect combination of different directions for tourism: the vacation in this country not only meets the brightest expectations of travelers but also surprises with the unexpected discovering. The country which history contains three millennia can brag of tremendous cultural and spiritual heritage. The ancient cities of powerful civilizations, original culture, colonial treasures, magnificent beaches. The magnificent tropical nature, the original kitchen that gained the popularity all over the world. All these advantages turn Mexico into a dream of any tourist.

Rome (Italy)

Rome is the city which always attracts crowds of tourists, and not without a reason. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the capital of Italy — Rome is beautiful at all seasons of the year. Thousands of tourists from the different countries of the world strive to see “the eternal city” and to admire its unique monuments of architecture and incomparable special atmosphere. The international airport Leonardo da Vinci sees a great deal of company every day. There arrive numerous flights from the capital cities of Europe, Asia, the USA and Canada.

La Habana (Cuba)

Havana proudly bears a crown of one of the most beautiful island capitals of the world thanks to the unique mix of natural beauty and greatness of architecture. This city submits at first sight not only a historical esthetics but also the special atmosphere which is impossible to convey through the words. You can feel the beating of life in the capital of Cuba in every second. Traveling tours to Havana are popular all the year round, every season offers something new and interesting to the numerous tourists coming to have a rest in Havana.