Best Places in Malaysia For a New Year Celebration

Malaysia is a place that goes above and beyond to create a vacation of a kind, with vitality and vibrancy emanating from the aura of inhabitants. Malaysia is one of the happiest places on earth due to its ethnically diverse population and constant celebration of various festivals and events. Being a part of these celebrations, which range from New Year and Christmas to Onam and the Hungry Ghost Festival, leaves every tourist enthralled and wanting to visit the following year again. In Malaysia, there is no shortage of activities to do on New Year’s Eve.

The encounters that one might have are not only unusual but also enjoyable and exciting. Regardless of their needs and interests, every traveller can participate in some activity, whether it be touring the lush and deep rainforests or spending the night on one of the country’s famous islands. Check out this list of places that anyone visiting the country of lush green forests should add to their bucket list. So, without further ado, book your bus tickets online, take a bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and start the New Year with a bang. 

Singing Along to the Beats in Kuala Lumpur’s KLCC Park

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, displays the best eve of the year in KLCC Park. The Petronas Twin Towers also dominate the skyline in the KLCC area. Beginning with captivating performances by local and worldwide musicians, who present their greatest performances with the picturesque twin towers in the background. KL celebrates the New Year in great splendour. If you appreciate being in a busy area, you may sing in unison with the people and enjoy the camaraderie while colourful firecrackers burst in the sky.

KLCC Park has always been a great place for a picnic, especially on Malaysian New Year’s Eve when the atmosphere is much more joyous. Enjoying a festival with views of the lovely lake Symphony and the famous Petronas Twin Towers as your backdrop will be a wonderful way to ring in the new year in 2023.

New Year’s Eve Celebration at the Heli Lounge Bar with City Views

If enjoying a glass of fine wine while perched on a rooftop, taking in the lights of the city, and listening to live music from well-known DJs seems like your ideal New Year’s Eve, then Heli Lounge Bar, a former helicopter pad turned rooftop bar, is the place for you. This lounge bar hosts the new year’s party in the most fascinating and interesting style, away from the boisterous people. A wonderful setting with a fantastic view is the ideal place to ring in the new year!

Dance to the Band at The Curve Shopping Mall in Petaling, Jaya

The Curve Shopping Mall in Petaling Jaya presents one of the best and largest carnivals to ring in the New Year in Malaysia, similar to malls in KL. Local bands and dancers perform at the event, and fans begin to arrive as early as 6:00 PM to take in these live acts. The mall’s outdoor promenade, The Street, is the location of the fireworks display. The cherry on top of the celebrations is the special New Year’s Eve and happy hour promotions provided by the many cafes, restaurants, and bars in the mall.

New Year’s Tip:- Check out the happy hour deals, promotions, and offers, as well as the unique savings on the New Year’s special dine-in, to obtain that clever, cunning sensation. Whoopee!

Enjoying the sparkly fireworks in rooftop bars

In Malaysia, there is vibrant nightlife. High-rise buildings in Kuala Lumpur have some amazing rooftop areas for relaxation where you can spend calm evenings, taking in the dusk and the subdued tones of the city bustling below. Therefore, this is the greatest location if you want to avoid crowded street fairs and enjoy the city’s romantic holiday atmosphere in peace while watching amazing fireworks. The majority of Rooftop Bars welcome DJs and vocalists to join in on the festival at the Malaysian New Year’s Party, which will blow away all of your cobwebs. So put your hair up, be fat and fancy-free, and sip your preferred cocktail.

Reviving the Old Colors at Dataran Merdeka

Dataran Merdeka, often known as Merdeka Square, is a well-known location for Malaysian New Year celebrations and is situated in the centre of Kuala Lumpur. This location serves the purpose of people looking forward to celebrating New Year’s with all patriotism and joy while gazing at the national flag while standing on the beautiful vista of finely maintained grass, where the vestiges of the British empire are particularly obvious. The most well-known green space in KL is the 200-metre-long Padang, where Malaysia’s Merdeka proclamation was made (freedom or independence). Join the ecstatic throng on New Year’s Eve as they proudly observe the Jalur Gemilang being flown by the world’s tallest flagpole (95m) (Malaysian Flag).


Here’s your reasons and chance to take a bus from Singapore to Malaysia and have the best time of your life during the most beautiful time of the year at one of the most happening places, Malaysia.