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Game hacking is a popular phenomenon in the gaming community with gamers worldwide using hacking and cheating to succeed in various games. Sometimes, such an approach is taken because the person wants to use insincere methods to achieve their aims, but many players simply do it because it’s fun. Hence, here are the fifteen best game hacker apps for Android with and without root.

What Is Game Hacking?

To put it simply, game hacking is a way of accessing a game’s features that the manufacturer doesn’t want players to access. Hacking can give you privileges within the game and help you pass the game faster or beat other players. Cheating and hacking are sometimes used interchangeably. An example of hacking would be using cheat codes to start certain actions within the game that you would not be able to use while playing without the codes.

Game hacker apps are a popular way of using hacking or cheating. Such apps can be downloaded onto your smartphone or other mobile devices that you use to play mobile games. Here are the fifteen game hacker apps to try out:

#1. Xmodgames

Most professionals consider Xmodgames to be the best hacker app currently available on the market. It only works for rooted devices, but it is by far the best choice for Android for the most popular titles. Once installed, the user can apply patches to manipulate the supported games. The app also has a built-in screen recorder and is regularly updated.

#2. Cheat Engine

Like Xmodgames, Cheat Engine is one of the most popular game hacker apps that works best with single-player and offline games. The app lets you modify various nuanced settings and debug different issues you come across. Such things as speed hacks, assembler, disassembler, direct 3D manipulation, system inspection, etc. are all present in Cheat Engine.

#3. HackerBot

HackerBot is probably the third most popular game hacker app, but it definitely compares to the previous two well. The app’s official website also has many helpful tricks and guides available for anyone to use. HackerBot supports such apps as Pokemon Go, PubG, Call of Duty Warzone, Minecraft, and more.

#4. Lucky Patcher

A game hacker app that has been downloaded over 1 billion times, Lucky Patcher is definitely a leader on the market. It can be used for modifying in-game settings, removing unwanted system apps, creating backups, block ads, get free coins, and more. Normal apps can also be converted into system apps which will enhance their performance.

#5. GameCIH

GameCIH is quite unique in many ways. The app allows you to alter game files allowing you to extend your lives, get paid features, and so on. It works well with rooted devices for offline and single-player games. As Felix Black from the paper writing services review site Best Writers Online puts it, “GameCih is a great choice for anyone looking to enhance their gaming results and become a more competitive player.”

#6. Freedom APK

By far, Freedom APK is one of the best game hacker apps for rotted smartphones running on Android. It lets you install apps and games for free and unlock game cash, coins, next levels, exclusive content, and more. It can hack such extremely popular games as Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Asphalt, Badland, and over 100 other Android games.

#7. Leo PlayCard

A free-to-download game hacker app, Leo PlayCard can be installed on rooted and non-rooted smartphones alike with such versions of Android as Nougat, Marshmallows, etc. It is best used for such popular offline single-player games as Temple Run to get more game coins, lives, gems, etc.

#8. Game Guardian

Game Guardian has free extensive features making it so popular with gamers worldwide. Both great for rooted and non-rooted phones, it can help you manipulate speed, health, money, coins, and more. It works for Android versions of Gingerbread, Lollipop, Marshmallow, and later versions.

#9. CreeHack

For those on a budget, CreeHack is the best app as it allows you to play paid games for free while making in-app purchases without paying anything. It works well for rooted smartphones of both old and new Android versions. You can also use it for non-rooted smartphones, but with a limited number of features.

#10. SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker works for numerous offline games as well as several online ones. It works quite well both with rooted and non-rooted devices letting you block in-app ads, increase character speed, get unlimited health and money, and more. As Cara Morningstar from the writing services review site Online Writers Rating says, “SB Game Hacker is a great game hacker app to start with if you haven’t used hacking or cheating before.”

#11. Bluestacks

Bluestacks is quite a popular game hacker app that allows you to get a distraction-free experience when playing mobile games and trying to get to the next level while using less memory and CPU while also improving your gaming performance. It also lets you remap your controls and set your GPS locations according to your needs.

#12. Nox

Nox has often been compared to Bluestacks as it has very similar features to the previous app including the ability to remap your controls and set your GPS location the way you want it to be. Both of these apps are emulators which means they are great for effortlessly improving your gameplay by letting you play the game faster and more efficiently.

#13. Game Killer

Game Killer is an app that stays open once you open it first and appears as a semitransparent icon that can be moved around on the screen. The free app lets you use cheats to modify your favorite games by injecting codes from the background while the game is running. This allows you to use the game hacker app in the most efficient way.

#14. File Manager

For rooted Android smartphones, file managers like Root Explorer and ES File Manager are a great option for playing with game files stored in the root folder. These file managers let you edit these files, save them, modify their values, reduce the difficulty of your games, and more. This is the best option for when direct value changing apps don’t work.

#15. Bots or Macros

Last but not least, using bots or macros is another option you have when it comes to using hacking and cheating. Bots and macros are particularly useful for online games that aren’t often supported by regular game hacker apps meaning that you will be able to farm money and gems, collect daily rewards and quests, and so on.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, using game hacker apps should not feel wrong as it can bring a lot of fun and joy to anyone from beginners to experts playing all kinds of mobile games. Try the apps listed in this article to start using hacking and cheating.

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