Best Beaches in Singapore for Tourists

Singapore is known for its scintillating and gorgeous beaches which draw tourists and visitors in large numbers every year. The island nation offers some really pristine and fun-filled beaches that you simply cannot miss. 

Take a Closer Look at the Best Beaches in Singapore for Tourists

Palawan Beach

This beach lies right in the heart of Sentosa and is sometimes know as the Sentosa Beach as well. The beach is dotted with lovely palm trees along with glimmering white sands and of course, bustling beachside bars. Port of Lost Wonder is a uniquely pirate-themed area that draws both children and adults, while you can also enjoy the rope-bridge, beam towers, treasure boxes, and the tempting pirate ship. Be it swimming, relaxing and enjoying a merry day with your children, Palawan Beach is simply the best bet! You can also take a dekko at the numerous souvenir stores and restaurants along this stretch. Pick up some local souvenirs for your home while feasting on local delicacies that they serve fresh to you. 

Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach is a hugely popular Singapore landmark where you will find hordes of people dancing, partying, riding horses and taking part in activities like volleyball and canoe rides! Now how is that for cool? You will also exploring the quaint beachside shacks and eateries throughout the entire zone. This beach is always a hub of activity. 

Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach is also popular with locals and tourists alike. It is nestled neatly within the Sentosa southern coastline and has a delightful crescent coastline, complete with shallow and comforting waters, palm trees and glistening white sands for company! The beach is known for its regular nightly parties organized by the Tanjong Beach Club. When you arrive at this beach, time will stand still for sure! 

Changi Beach

Everyone knows about the Changi Beach! This beach is usually populated by health and fitness lovers, those who are ardent joggers and others who like lazing around. The Changi Beach Park is a key attraction while swimmers enjoy the surf and sand here. You can also have a swell time simply spotting the numerous planes as they fly lower and land at the Changi Airport. Other provisions include cycling pathways, barbecues, and playgrounds for children and more. 

Punggol Beach

Punggol Beach is another neatly concealed beach at the lovely Punggol Point. It is known for its sheer natural beauty and is linked to the main city via buses and MRT shuttles. The beach is still calm and tranquil since a lesser number of people visit it regularly. The beach is known for being popular with couples and those seeking some tranquility away from the maddening crowds. The rocks and nearby islands contribute towards creating that exquisite and picture-postcard-like ambiance. 

Kusu Island

Kusu Island, right off the coastline of Singapore, is one of the most peaceful beaches that you will find! The island is home to a delightful sanctuary housing innumerable turtles. The island contains some of the most enticing beaches ever! It will bowl you over with its natural splendor, white sand and overall cleanliness. The Turtle Sanctuary makes this a memorable trip for sure. You have to hop onto a ferry from the South Marina Pier to reach this island. 

Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island is one of those Singapore beaches with a happy and comforting vibe. It offers a quaint vibe along with the relaxed setting that draws many people in lookout of a peaceful place to spend some moments. The jungle dotting the beach is a treat to the eyes while you can never tire of clicking photographs of the beauty all around here! If you are feeling hungry, then you can check out the numerous eateries in the area along with beach pavilions, footpaths and other stalls. 

Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is paradise for those ardently in search of some quiet bliss. The iconic Check Jawa wetland beaches are a key attraction here along with the lush green plantations and lip-smacking local food whipped up for visitors! This is a place where you can forget all your cares and just relax. You can also rent a bike for exploring nearby areas, while picking up some souvenirs from local stores. Many people like camping on this beach as well. 

Pasir Ris Beach

Pasir Ris Beach is one of Singapore’s biggest beaches, offering magical experiences for people of all age groups. The beach spans 6.6 kilometres in total, dotted with pristine mangrove forests. You can enjoy taking picnics here with your loved ones while relishing the gentle breeze and the tropical wonderland that you see around you. This beach is also a top pick for those who love watersports activities. Walking and cycling trails abound in the zone along with a thoughtful playground for children. 

East Coast Park

The East Coast Park was founded back in the 1970s and is a pristine park-beach development with a more urban skyline. You will find the Recreation for All theme really interesting along with the 15 kilometres of magnificent coastline. An entire city seems to have come alive in the park itself, offering you attractions like cycling, jogging, skating and even cable skiing along with other watersports. For attending to all possible needs, there are delightful café bistros, public restrooms and showers and of course resto-bars that come alive in the evenings! 

Sembawang Park

Imagine a tranquil environment and a piping warm barbeque. Sounds endearingly romantic does it not? You can now enjoy the same experience here at the Sembawang Park. This is a beach where you will lose track of time, as you partake in watersports activities during the day and explore historical  points nearby. Evenings come alive with barbeques and the  lovely resorts and cafes all around. It is certainly one of the hidden gems of Singapore (maybe not as hidden!). 

Now that you have an idea of the top beaches in Singapore, what are you waiting for? Book your Singapore trip right away after planning your itinerary. You can also check out holiday apartments in Singapore for finding quality accommodation at the best possible rates. 

Make sure that you choose locations that allow you to explore all these gorgeous beaches along with other cultural and historical landmarks as well. Singapore is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world and a great choice if you truly wish to live the ocean life. It is also popular with foodies looking for sumptuous cuisine and those who are into shopping too! All in all, Singapore promises for an exciting ride!