Best Websites for Watching Free Cartoons Like KissCartoon

KissCartoon is the best anime online website, where you can watch anime online completely free.

There are very few satisfying and entertaining escapes from reality quite as good as cartoons. Whether you’re into anime, classic cartoons, the best and very latest series, Futurama, Simpsons, King of the Hill, Family Guy, so on and so forth, cartoons are such a treasure trove of entertainment.

However, it can be hard to find a place where you can watch all your favorite cartoons for free and online across all your devices. That’s where KissCartoon (and their best alternative websites) came in.

Gone were the days of thinking, ‘oh, I really want to watch this,’ and then having to spend what feels like hours trying to track down a website that has the series you want in the right language and a website that won’t give you a virus nor spams you with a million popups. Find out how to train your dragon full movie on kisscartoon.

However, KissCartoon is gone, and if you want to enjoy a great cartoon experience, you’re going to need a best alternatives to KissCartoon out there that’s got you covered.

What is KissCartoon?

More accurately, what was KissCartoon? Back in 2017, KissCartoon was suddenly shut down due to copyright issues. The DCMA shut it down (after all, it was hosting a ton of cartoons for free, in which the creators don’t profit from), which was a shame when other paid services weren’t offering an adequate selection.

It’s common knowledge that while sites like KissCartoon were hosted against copyright laws, many users would find new cartoons they loved on the website and would then go out and buy the real thing, but that’s neither here nor there.

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Fortunately, there has been perfect alternatives to KissCartoon online, so you can still get your animation fix, no matter what you’re into.

The 10 Best KissCartoon Mirrors and Alternatives


From full movies to cartoons, CartoonExtra really does have it all. Like all good cartoon websites, there’s pretty much every single cartoon listed here that you’ve ever heard of and could ever want to hear of, and we love the nostalgia you’ll get from revisiting some of those old classics you actually forgot existed.

Some of the features you’ll find here include;

    • A massive content database covering so many years of cartoons
    • Tons of genres covering, including top classics and old favorites
    • A search bar
    • Most content is available in high quality


Before we get into the hard and fast cartoon provider services, it’s worth mentioning that YouTube has a ton of animated content and cartoons for you to sink your teeth into. The platform is easily one of the highest-rated online content services in the world, and it’s completely free to use and browse however you wish.

The site is accessible on literally every single device you can think of, and there are homemade animations and cartoons available from animators around the world, as well as a huge library to sink your teeth into of television shows, movies, and films.

Some of the features you’ll find here include;

    • Completely free to use with ads, and premium accounts available
    • One of the biggest, most accessible libraries in the world
    • Content uploaded by animators around the world
    • A fantastic community to become a part of


If you’re looking for a real easy experience where you know what you want to watch and just want to get on with it, no-frills attached, KimCartoon should earn your bookmark. KimCartoon is a good alternative to Kisscartoon. The video content is one of the highest qualities you’ll find online, and with such a seemingly endless backlog, you’re basically spoilt for choice.

However, there are ads shown between the videos, which may be a bit annoying for some viewers, but got to pay the bills, right?

Some of the features you’ll find here include;

    • Large content base
    • Some of the most unknown cartoons you can think of
    • Trending and most popular tabs
    • Easily accessible from nearly all devices


As you guess from the name, this website is perhaps the closest you will find when it comes to replicating the best KissCartoon experience. You can find pretty much all your favorite anime and cartoons here, including all traditional, popular cartoons, and some of the lesser-known flicks.

Some of the features you’ll find here include;

    • A super-easy to navigate interface, complete with a search bar
    • The vast majority of content is available in high quality
    • The video player is built into the website (no downloads)
    • You can use this website on any and all platforms without issue


This website is basically a mirror of the KimCartoon website we listed above (probably no surprises there), so if for some reason you’re having any problems with the website, the content you’re looking for is unavailable, or there’s a technical issue, and you can’t wait to get stuck in with your cartoons, this website is the next best thing.

Some of the features you’ll find here include;

    • Fantastic content range
    • Easy search filter and term search
    • Regular updates of new content on the homepage
    • No downloads since player are built into the website


If you’re a lover of cartoons, then the Cartoon Network is a platform that needs no introduction since it’s probably where you saw your favorite cartoons for the first time as a kid.

Available around the world, this platform has been around both on TV and now online for nearly 20 years and is entirely free to use and requires no sign-up. Just open your browser and get watching. It really is that simple.

You can access the website from your computer or mobile device, or log into the app if you have a SmartTV, and you’ll be happy to know that all content on the website is kid-friendly, so you can happily let your kids get watching without having to worry about them coming across anything suspicious!

Some of the features you’ll find here include;

    • A completely kid-friendly database
    • Some of the highest quality videos you’ll find online
    • All legal and completely free to use
    • A website created by one of the most successful and reputable cartoon services in the world


I mean, if you can’t guess what this website specializes in, then there’s no hope. Based on the original KissCartoon format, if you’re a big fan of anime, then the chances are this is going to become your new favorite website. There’s an absolute ton of content, so even if you’re looking for your favorites or you’re looking for something new to call your favorite, then this website is probably for you.

There’s even top-of-the-line anime available here, such as the Studio Ghilbi franchise.

Some of the features you’ll find here include;

    • A player built into the website (no downloads required)
    • A massive database overflowing with content
    • Available on nearly every platform
    • A great search and filter system


Hand in hand with the recommendation above, AnimeToon is another great website, and these two websites could easily be used interchangeably. All the cartoons you used to watch as a child are listed here, including Pokémon, Tom and Jerry, and so on, so there really is something for all ages here to get involved with and enjoy.

Some of the features you’ll find here include;

    • A basic yet easy interface
    • A ton of content from across the ages
    • Lots of content suitable for all ages
    • An Android app you can download and use on your Android device


TooNova is very similar in terms of layout and design to AnimeToon, and they could be mirrors of each other, but it seems the two are just using the same template. There’s lots of content to explore, all easily listed in alphabetical order on the homepage.

While this website isn’t the nicest to look at, the catalog and ease of use definitely make up for it, as there really does feel like there’s endless choice. What’s more, if you’re using an ad blocker, you’ll get no pesky ads annoying you!

Some of the features you’ll find here include;

    • Easy to find what you’re looking for using the alphabetical list
    • No need to sign up, and free to use
    • Lots of choices
    • Subsections for animation, TV, and full movies


Finally, to conclude our list of the best cartoon websites out there, we have 9Anime. Another anime-oriented cartoon website, this website offers a really clean and professional looking experience that you’re going to love, and since the website is available on all devices relatively easily, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing; you can enjoy all the amazing content this website has to offer.

Some of the features you’ll find here include;

    • A brilliant search feature for easily finding the content you’re looking for the moment you hit the website
    • English and Japanese language filter options
    • Light and dark mode built into the website (dark is default!)
    • Safe for work ads filter

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