Creatine can be defined as a natural supplement that is used to enhance athletic performance in an individual. It is ranked as one of the most effective supplements for building muscle and increasing strength and is extremely safe to use. And this is also aligned with the healthcare regulations.

Here are 6 benefits to using creatine supplements for muscle:

1. Speedy Muscle Growth

Creatine has been proven to the best supplement in the world for increasing muscle mass. Using it even for a week has shown tremendous results by increasing muscle size and lean body weight on its users. This increase is as a result of the added water content in the muscles.

Using creatine for a longer period also helps in the growth of muscle fiber by enhancing gym performance and signaling crucial biological pathways.

2. Helps Fight Neurological Diseases

One of the main factors sponsoring neurological diseases is the reduction of phosphocreatine levels in the brain. Creatine increases these levels, which in turn slows down the progression of the diseases.

One serious disease that creatine helps to fight against is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) which is a disease that tampers with the motor neurons which play a big role in body movement. Creatine improves motor function and reduces muscle loss.

3. Helps Boost Performance During High-Intensity Exercises

Creatine plays an important role in the production of ATP which in turn helps in performing high-intensity exercises. The creatine supplement improves several factors such as muscle endurance, ballistic power, strength, resistance to fatigue, the ability to sprint, muscle mass, and recovery.

You can use this supplement on any fitness level, whether you’re advanced in fitness or you’re just beginning to work out.

4. Helps Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Studies done on blood sugar have shown that using creatine helps reduce its levels by enhancing the function of GLUT4 molecule that transports blood sugar to the muscles. Combining the creatine supplement with regular exercise helps in effectively controlling the blood sugar levels.

5. Helps Deal With Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease comes as a result of a reduction of neurotransmitter dopamine levels in the brain. The huge reduction of the dopamine levels results in brain cell death and other serious conditions such as speech impairment, muscle function loss, and tremors.

One effective treatment of muscle loss function when suffering from this disease is to perform weight training. Combining this training with creatine supplement significantly improves muscle function and strength.

6. Helps Muscle Cells Generate More Energy

Creatine supplement plays a great role in increasing the phosphocreatine stores in the muscles. Phosphocreatine helps form new ATP which is a fundamental molecule used by cells for energy and pretty much all the elementary functions of life.

As you exercise, ATP breaks down and produces energy. The body uses ATP at a faster rate than how it reproduces it. Creatine supplements help to increase the phosphocreatine stores thus enabling the body to produce more ATP energy that is needed to fuel the muscles as you perform high-intensity exercises.


There you have it. Creatine is super important for your muscles. Want to increase muscle mass and build some muscle strength? Try out these Creatine Supplements.