Charter Bus

Uber and Lyft might be revolutionising the transportation industry but rising from amongst the darkness is a new hero, one that is taking the travel sharing option up several notches by combining comfort with accessibility and not just to groups of 4 o4 6 people, but to entire buses full of them. And booking one of these rides is just as easy as hailing an Uber. From festivals to football matches, getting anywhere is now a piece of cake with And charter bus rental price is low enough to never burn a hole into your pocket. But how did this fantastic idea come to be? This post will explore just that.

The mission

It all began when founders Kyle and Wolf met each other in early 2013 when they were helping a friend move. It was while conversing with each other and discussing their interests that both Kyle and Wolf realised how difficult it was to actually get to the festivals and events that they were interested in.

Wolf would organise bus rides in Germany for friends who wanted to get to, say, a concert or a match. Kyle, a designer and a developer himself, decided to help build the tools that would let people customise their own bus trips. Thus, began the story of

The idea was rooted in around one word: community. The people behind aimed to help group organise events, bring people together and embark on adventures together. Be it a festival they want to attend or a simple football game they need to get to, helps people plan the journey with ease. For the people behind this idea, it was never about getting from point to the other but the camaraderie that develops during the actual journey.

1. Funding and Evolution to

Initially called SharetheBus, started gaining the interest of people pretty soon. After all, it was a pretty interesting idea. With a few tools and customisation options, people could go from renting mere seats to booking entire buses. The friend booking the tickets could easily become a mini event organiser, renting the bus, planning the itinerary, deciding on the pit stops and generally organising everything according to the needs and demands of the group. allows you to rent buses online, track your ride using GPS devices and online ticketing options. What initially depended on a network of operators with about ten buses each and with no common pricing or booking process shifted directly into the hands of the users, who used to be confused about the entire process before. The idea is intriguing enough to have garnered the interest of investors such as BMW’s i-ventures and Jackson Square Ventures who went on to invest a whopping $5 dollars into the website.

2. Every kind of bus you need, right when you need it

A lot of people are not usually very used to renting buses. And deciding on the transportation is pretty stressful anyway. But makes all this seem as easy as cake. Not only is renting a bus for the group one of the safest ways of going about it, it is also cheaper than having to book several cars and is way more environment friendly. And it is pretty easy to use. As long as you have an idea about how many people will be travelling, the average distance involved and the amenities that you might need, will help you make the decision. Their booking tool is very user friendly and will let you finish the booking process in under five minutes or so.

Be it a school field trip, a trip with your friends, a week long college trip, will help you decide with ease. Throughout the process you will have complete control over everything so you can decide where to go, where to make pit stops, when you want to go sight-seeing and when you just want to kickback and drink a beer or two and forget about all your worries. Whatever you may need during your journey, will have your back and make sure you get to make the memories you set out to make.