Benefits of Landscape and Garden Lighting

Your dream home is a safe haven where you return after a hard day at work and relax. Yes, it is your resting place that you feel proud of like most people. You now have a beautiful landscape designed and patio built with the right mix of garden butterfly chairs and tables to sit with your loved ones and relax on a summer evening. However, there is something missing. Can you make a guess? Yes, you are right. We are talking about landscape or garden lights that accentuate the best features of your yard. The right light fixtures in your lawn or garden can add pizzazz to a stone walkway or gazebo that you have recently built. Are you still thinking? Here are top three benefits of landscape and garden lighting:

Draws Attention to Your Landscape Design

Installing garden lights throughout your outdoor space highlights many of the elements that your garden already has. Set up energy-efficient lights to guide guests to your front door and walkway. Install lights to mark your property lines. The lighting will help you create barriers to those places in your lawn where you do not like your guests to saunter. Use brilliant colored lights to highlight water features such as a pond, fountain, or a special tree. If you have a stunning flowerbed to flaunt, use landscape lighting to show off the beautiful blooms even after sundown. You can also use outdoor lights over porches or the back wall of your house to make your property look beautiful under the night sky. Use statement lights such as brilliantly colored orbs around the portico for some mood lighting. You can visit gardening and landscape design sites like King Landscape Company for more information. Do you have a beach décor for your patio? If so, install nautical-themed lighting.

Keeps Your Property Safe

Based on the findings of FBI crime report, homeowners face burglary or theft issues every 15 seconds. Although a home security system is your first line of defense against intruders, landscape and garden lighting can prevent shady characters from stepping into your property. Place them in strategic places to discourage burglars from intruding, the strangers who do not want them to be identified and caught for trespassing. Set up floodlights around dark corners and nooks to keep burglars at bay. Install lights near uneven areas or the steps leading to the pond to prevent slips and falls. Keep your family and guests safe while reveling in the beauty of your yard after dusk.

Improves Curb Appeal

Besides increasing the value of your property, landscape lighting also enhances your home’s curb appeal. Based on the findings of the National Association of Home Builders, 41 percent of property seekers consider outdoor lighting as a must-include feature for their dream home, and another 49 percent thinks that garden lights are an attractive quality of modern homes. Use outdoor lights to highlight the unique design and architecture of your home. Choose the moonlight effect to keep the lights muted and not brilliant as a full moon. Yet, this effect keeps your yard sufficiently illuminated after sunset.


Consider adding beautiful garden lights to illuminate your outdoor space. Make your yard inviting and appealing to your family and guests, where you can unwind and chat with your loved ones even after sundown.

Author Bio: Jack Dsouja is a landscape architect and designer. He has worked for numerous clients to design their landscape, patio, and install garden lights and improved their home’s worth. He has been associated with King Landscape Company for many years. He loves writing and offers tips to his readers on gardening and landscaping.