Benefits of Keeping A Well-Maintained And Healthy Lawn

Keeping a lawn healthy is not hard, and it doesn’t require hours of hard work. But it does depend on timing. For instance, a well-kept landscape maintained by the best lawn care service in your area prevents soil erosion, neutralizes various pollutants, and offers a safe place for your loved ones to feel close to nature. This article focuses on some simple reasons why you should consider maintaining a healthy lawn around your home.

Let’s go through some of the most fundamental benefits of maintaining a healthy lawn.

1. Provides a safe playground for kids.

If you want to provide a safe playground for your children, the best step is to maintain your lawn. Kids are prone to falling and hitting their heads on stationary equipment. If the garden isn’t well-maintained, there are risks of injury from sharp edges or falling on the hard surfaces. Another risk is playground equipment that isn’t CSA-certified. Therefore, besides maintaining your lawn, you should also provide close adult supervision and set rules for the kids playing on the lawn.

Wood mulch is an eco-friendly, inexpensive, and popular option for playground surfaces. However, it will require regular maintenance for a consistent depth, and wood mulch will eventually decompose. To avoid this issue, consider installing a rubber mulch playground surface. You can purchase rubber mulch in a variety of colors, and it’s easy to install for lawn care maintenance services.

While grass is a natural safety feature, it doesn’t have the shock-absorbing capacity of rubber or foam. Hard surfaces can cause traumatic injuries when a child falls. Also, children shouldn’t drink or eat while playing on a playground surface, as the food or drink can get contaminated. In addition, you should limit your child’s outdoor playtime on hot days and make sure that your children change clothes after playing on the lawn.

2. Helps the environment.

Among the many benefits of a healthy lawn is its ability to filter pollutants in the air. Those with allergies will enjoy the air filtering effects of grass. Dirty air particles are sucked into the grass and pulled away by water. Clean grass is a carbon-filtering plant and helps the environment by absorbing and filtering carbon dioxide. Lawns produce a positive carbon footprint, as they capture up to 12 million tons of dust a year.

Besides providing oxygen and air, lawns also provide an ideal habitat for pollinators. Insects help plants grow, as do bees and are essential for the health of people and other living things. A study in Los Angeles found that lawns with no flowers and no trees had a greater daytime temperature than farmland. So basically, without insects, bees, and birds, plants can’t make a living and vice versa.

Keeping a healthy lawn is also important to prevent soil erosion, which is a big issue in many areas. A healthy lawn will hold down the soil and promote the growth of beneficial organisms that help plants develop robust root systems. It will also help reduce the amount of pollution that your home absorbs from the air. 

3. Keeps your pets healthy.

Maintaining a healthy lawn is essential to keeping your pets and family members safe. Keeping your yard free of weeds is also essential if you have pets. Dogs have a natural instinct to dig, which uproots the grass and plants on your lawn. Digging also causes fleas ad insects to come out of the soil, which is not good for your pets and children. You can protect your pets from fleas and ticks by regularly cutting grass and mowing it.

You can create a natural obstacle course for your pets for some much-needed exercise. It will help them stay fit and keep your grass from getting compacted from routine walking on a fixed path. Creating a designated space for urinating and pooping outside of your home will also help train your pets for a sanitary living.

Make sure your yard is safe for pets by providing clean water. While playing outside, pets will need fresh water, so make sure you keep your yard tidy and free of any dangerous plants. Keep these tips in mind when planning a landscaping project. The best lawn care service agent in your area can help you determine what type of landscaping is best for your pets.

4. Improves physical & mental health.

Many people are allergic to the pollen from weeds, which can cause a sore throat or stuffed nose. The problem can even affect your sleep, which is critical to productivity. Also, lack of sleep can increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

If you’re feeling low, maintaining your lawn to improve your mental health may be just what you need. Not only will you be outside and enjoying the fresh air, but lawn maintenance also provides an added sense of accomplishment and helps you to stay on a routine. It’s often the lack of routine that can worsen a mental health condition.

Research shows that lawn maintenance can significantly improve your mental health. This is because taking care of your lawn helps to eliminate stress and improve your mood. The average person can boost their mental health by 12% by simply mowing their lawn. Despite the results, lawn care maintenance services are still no substitute for professional help. This is very often the case if you have little gardens on your lawn, especially if those gardens have colorful flowers like golden mustard rose which is very good for the overall look of the lawn.

Nobody is immune to struggling with their mental health. As long as you’re aware of when to seek help, you’re well on your way to improving your mental health. Remember, it is never too late to seek professional help.

5. Increases your property value.

Keeping your lawn healthy can improve your overall lifestyle. A well-maintained lawn adds curb appeal, which plays a prominent role in selling your house. Professional house flippers and realtors typically hire landscape maintenance services to keep their property looking great. The added investment in landscaping pays off in the long run when you sell the property for a higher price than you paid for it!

While there are many factors that buyers consider when evaluating a home, a well-maintained lawn will increase its value significantly. Hiring the best lawn care service in your area can increase your home’s value by anywhere from 5.5 to 12.7 percent. The cost of a well-landscaped lawn is also relatively inexpensive and can pay off big in the long run. Therefore, this is an excellent investment for your home!


Kate Jensen works as a Marketing Manager for Custom Landscaping & Lawn Care, the best residential and commercial landscaping company in Middlesex County, New Jersey. He has been committed to providing an easy and hassle-free customer experience! Nothing is more important to him than your complete satisfaction.