Beauty Blenders Vs Natural Sea Sponges

Flawless makeup application is something that we all want. To make sure that your makeup looks flawless it has to be blended in well. your foundation should look like your skin and that kind of look can be achieved with good makeup application.  Right makeup application technique can make your makeup look like your skin or it can make your makeup look cakey on your skin. There are different types of makeup tools that you can use to make sure that your makeup looks good and smooth. 

You can select a beauty blender or a makeup brush for your foundation application. Both work well for monthly foundation application, but beauty blenders make the makeup easier to blend into your skin. Beauty blenders are sponges that can grow when you wet them. This makes the sponge absorb the product and transfer it to your skin. It also gives your skin a soft dewy look.

The Difference Between Beauty Blenders and Natural Sponges

Both types of sponges are used in the beauty industry very keenly, but both have completely different uses. Where a beauty blender is used for the makeup application or blending your makeup the natural sponges are used for different reasons.

  • A natural sponge is natural as it is obtained from the sea and natural sponges are microorganisms. They are considered animals, but the sponges also have circulatory systems. On the other hand, the beauty blenders are synthetic which means they are manmade.
  • Natural sponges are irregular in shape and each sponge varies from the other one while the beauty blenders are all in similar shape. The sizes and color variations are available for the buyers so they can buy in their favorite color. The size variations there for different types of products.
  • Since natural sponges are obtained from nature it is very expensive. On the other hand, beauty blenders are comparatively expensive. Usually, a beauty blender will cost you around $30 while the natural sponge will cost you approximately $10. 
  • The natural sponge is very porous and has larger irregular pores as compared to the beauty blenders. Due to that, the natural sponge absorbs more product compared to the beauty blender and it can lead to product waste. 
  • The natural sponge doesn’t give a smooth makeup application faster than the beauty blender does. 
  • The natural sponge is a bit harder to touch when you haven’t wetted it while the beauty blender is comparatively softer. 
  • One good thing about a beauty blender is that it is decomposable which means you don’t have to worry about littering when you throw away your natural sponge. Beauty blenders, on the other hand, need to be recycled or otherwise, they are dead weight.                                                            
  • Natural sponges can be used for cleansing your face whereas beauty blenders don’t serve this purpose. The natural sponges can help you wipe your makeup off as well.
  • The natural sponge can also be used for gentle exfoliation, but the beauty blender doesn’t have any other such uses.

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Natural Sponges that Care for your Skin

There are a lot of health benefits of natural sponges other than the makeup application. Even though the natural sponges don’t provide a very smooth makeup application you still can use them for the other reasons they are good for. Following are all those amazing health benefits of natural sponges and all the way these natural sponges can cater to your skin.

Inhibit the Growth of Bacteria Naturally

Natural sponges are considered to inhibit the growth of bacteria which means they are even better to be used as a cleanser. Natural sponges have certain enzymes that can inhibit the growth of fungus, mildew and even bacteria. These enzymes kill all these microorganisms. 

These enzymes may be even more useful in future considering all the ongoing research on them. Natural sponges even though they are known to fight off microorganisms can still grow fungus, so it is better to dry your natural sponge after every use. Otherwise, the fungus will destroy the natural sponge and its antimicrobial property as well.

Effortlessly Exfoliates the Skin

Gentle exfoliation is very important for your skin. If you are exfoliating your skin harshly then it can cause you more problems than benefits. It will leave your skin more prone to infections and will also make your skin very sensitive. 

So, it is better to opt for gentle exfoliation methods. One such method is the natural sponges as well. Facial sea sponges are very soft once you wet them so using them on your skin can cause gentle exfoliation. It will not destroy your skin. Rubbing it gently on your skin can help you get rid of dead skin cells; any flaky patches and you will be left behind with radiant-looking skin.

You can gently exfoliate your skin. You can use a soft washcloth or a face sea sponge. Gently rubbing your skin with one of these will help to remove dead skin cells. You can also use an exfoliating cleanser or scrub. These products usually have small beads or particles that help to loosen and remove dead skin cells. Be sure to use a gentle motion when using these products on your face or body.

Cleanse your Pores

Natural sea sponges are also believed to cleanse your pores very well. When you are removing makeup, you must make sure it leaves well from your pores as well to prevent any comedones. This is possible with the help of natural sea sponges. Natural sea sponges can cleanse your pores and can also decongest them. 

The reason why sea sponges help cleanse your pores so well is that they are absorbent and can easily absorb the makeup residue out of your skin pores. With mild exfoliation and cleaned pores, your skin will look the cleanest. There are different types of natural sponges available as well. Some types are more absorbent than others. So, if you find your pores hard to decongest then you should switch to the natural sponge type and see which suits you the best.

Environment friendly

Since these natural sponges are obtained from the sea and aren’t made of anything synthetic then that means they are environment friendly. There is no consumption of any resources to manufacture a natural sponge. You can easily get these sponges from the sea in abundance. 

They are easily degradable too so when you are done using your natural sponge you can easily dispose of it without the fear of littering the environment. These natural sponges also don’t have to go through the hefty processes of recycling. Other types of sponges also contain microplastics that get added to the water when you wash them and that is not the case here.

More Durable and Long-lasting

These types of natural sponges are long-lasting and more durable. You can easily use a natural sponge for up to 2 to 3 years. They remain in their shape if you keep good care of them. Make sure you dry them when you store them to avoid fungal growth.

When it comes to finding a natural sponge that is both durable and long-lasting, look no further than the humble sea sponge. These sponges are not only easy to use, but they can also last for many years with proper care.

If you’re concerned about the environment, these sponges are a great choice. Since they’re made from natural materials, they biodegrade more quickly than synthetic sponges.

So next time you need a new sponge, reach for a natural option that will provide superior performance while being better for the planet.


This was all you needed to learn about the natural sponges, they differ a lot from the beauty blenders. Even though they are not as good at makeup applications as beauty lenders, they still have multiple uses. And the greater benefit is that these natural sponges are environment friendly.