Definitive Guide To Kickstart Your Artificial Intelligence Career

From self-driving cars to robots serving food in restaurants, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can be witnessed in our day-to-day lives. AI produces intelligent software and systems based on human thinking, learning, and solving a problem. It facilitates machines to achieve human-like functions by acquiring experience. According to a Gartner research report, AI is an emerging industry that will generate approximately 2.8 million jobs by 2020!

AI is a comprehensive term, which encompasses different domains such as machine learning, general artificial intelligence, data mining, expert systems, and more. If you want to get a step ahead in your career, there are diverse artificial intelligence courses available on portals that you can access.

So, if you’re evaluating career opportunities in this emerging field, look at these top skills that’ll help you have a successful career in AI:

  • Education

To have a successful career in AI, it is imperative to have a degree in Computer Science and substantial programming fundamentals. With a solid understanding of the philosophical, logical, and cognitive frameworks of AI, you will be able to adapt to new situations based on the current and future developments. It is also desirable to have a sound overview of the principal AI techniques and in-depth knowledge of how to apply these techniques in at least one of the areas within reasoning, multi-agent systems, or cognitive processing.

Additionally, you should have the abilities to carry out AI analysis in academic or research and development settings and to identify how AI techniques can offer intelligent solutions to IT issues in organizations and companies.

  • Gather Proficiency In Programming Languages

True for any discipline, understanding and learning about the diverse language and branches is always desirable in the AI field. The more you learn, the more extensive your knowledge gets. A background in programming languages like Python, C/C++, and Java, and knowledge in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning are some of the topmost skills employers look for in AI aspirants. Also, keep yourself updated about the latest innovations made in the field of AI such as AI-powered innovations, how AI is constantly changing industries, and what are the implications of AI in the future.

  • Enhance Your Skills

A career in AI demands analytical thinking with excellent problem-solving abilities. AI professionals are required to be adept at programming computers for reasoning, knowledge, planning, perception, and learning. A thriving and long-lasting career in AI involves foresight about technological innovations to make sure that the applications being developed can endure competition. Online education can be a valuable guide for AI training and obtaining artificial intelligence courses in domains like AI and machine learning will be a great way to enhance your skills.

  • Networking

Attending AI conventions and competitions is an incredible way to meet talented individuals and grow your network. These events are not only good sources of education, but they also help you build connections. It is the best way for you to determine your future with an organization, as well as to discover new professional opportunities.

What Are Artificial Intelligence Opportunities?

AI requires a standard skill set and knowledge of software engineering education (mathematics, coding, and computational thinking). Let’s take a look at the different domains which are targeting AI skills:

  • Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning (ML) Researcher

An AI or ML researcher must hold either a Masters degree or a PhD in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) domain. Their job is to examine and discover innovative ways to develop AI and ML algorithms, after which they are required to research the practical applications of those systems.

  • AI Software Developer

This job is ideal for individuals who hold a graduate and undergraduate degree in disciplines such as software and computer science engineering. Having a solid foundation in mathematics can help them understand the algorithms of AI and robotics with design infrastructure.

  • Data Analysts

A data analyst’s work is to extract valuable information from large pieces of information, filter it, and analyze the data utilizing structural analysis. This way, a data analyst administers the once obscure data into formats that corporations can understand and use efficiently.

  • Data Scientists

A data scientist is nothing but an upgraded version of a data analyst. A data analysts possess high-level technical abilities to solve complex difficulties. Data scientists link the best of both worlds – IT and business. Though the most significant skill set of data scientists is analytics, they are also required to be able to use this skill in combination with ML tools and statistical to reveal the pure potential of Big Data.

The job opportunities available with the arrival of AI are only going to increase as the technology develops exponentially. For those of you who are thinking of pursuing a career in the AI field, start today by developing your skills to give you a competitive edge!