Parental Monitoring Apps

Internet is a complete world in itself that carries dangers with all the beauties and every passing day adds into the strength of this complex mesh connectivity that contains everything for a human let it be entertainments, knowledge, education, socialization etc. It has everything good and bad. Now knowing that, do you think your kid is mature enough to create the line between good and bad keeping aside their preferences? If not, can you allow them to use the internet freely without any supervision? The answer to both the questions are in negative, you really need to have a parental monitoring app for them. Now the question arises, how does the software help you keep your kids safe online. Here is the answer!

How does the parental monitoring app help?

Monitoring is not as difficult as it used to be in the past. It has been simplified with the advent of web monitoring apps that helps parents get an insight of what sites their kids visit, what applications they use, what social networks they have joined etc. To do all these and a number of other monitoring chores, using the parental monitoring app is the ultimate solution for parents. The apps are being used by parents worldwide. To ace your monitoring, you can use any advanced application such as FamilyTime parental monitoring that not only allows you to monitor but take control too. Using the app parents can:

  1. Track their kids’ web-history with the date and time stamps
  2. Check the list of sites saved in the favourites and bookmarks of their browser.
  3. Access the list of installed apps with their related details.
  4. Monitor their contacts, call logs and SMS history.
  5. Provide their kids with an environment safe for searches by blocking unwanted sites.
  6. Add web filters to restrict access to inappropriate content
  7. Check their app usage frequency to observe how much time they spend on an app.
  8. Blacklist any app they find unfitting.
  9. Schedule auto screen lock on their devices.
  10. Instantly put a remote lock on their devices from the app’s Dashboard to control their device usage.

And a lot more. Do you wish to try this app yourself without spending even a penny on it? Well, the good news is you can! Simply visit the app store on your phone and get trial version of FamilyTime from there or click the buttons given below. The trial version of the app gives you complete access to all premium features of FamilyTime for complete 3 days. So, don’t waste your time anymore and get the app now!

Monitor to be Informed!

Staying informed about your teens’ online activities is not the wish anymore. It has become indispensable. So, use the parental monitoring app now and stay informed. This is the only way you can secure your teens from the dangers online!